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In-Line Density Monitoring of Rigid PVC Foam during Extrusion Process

N. H. Abu-Zahra and H. Chang


An ultrasound-based sensor has been investigated to monitor the density of rigid PVC foam, in-line, during the extrusion process. A 2.25 MHz ultrasound transducer was used to measure the acoustic properties; i.e. speed of sound, acoustic impedance, and attenuation, in the polymer melt prior to exiting the extrusion die. A special transducer adapter and wave re ector were incorporated in the design of the extrusion die. The density of PVC foam was varied by varying the blowing agent content in the resin compound prior to extrusion. A mathematical derivation of the behavior of ultrasound waves in the melt is presented and used to calculate the attenuation coefficient of the polymer melt at various foam densities. An empirical relation was derived between the calculated attenuation coefficient of the polymer melt and the measured density of the foam extrudate. This relation can be used to estimate the foam density based on the acoustic measurement of the melt in the extrusion die. Further work is proposed to normalize for the effect of variations in the melt temperature and pressure on the ultrasound measurements.

* Mail address: Prof. N.H. Abu-Zahra, Ind. and Manuf. Eng. Dept., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 3200 N. Cramer St., Milwaukee, WI 53201, USA

Received: 2000-1-18
Accepted: 2000-9-12
Published Online: 2013-06-06
Published in Print: 2000-12-01

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