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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 3, 2013

A Powerful Universal Plasticating System for Single-screw-extruders and Injection-moulding Machines

  • E. Grünschloβ


The plasticating principle, named HELIBAR for single-screw-extruders [1 to 5] is described and recent experimental results with a HELIBAR - extruder Ø 50×34 D are presented. They prove, that with only one barrier-screw the most different thermoplastic polymers can be processed successfully with very high throughput, good process stability, low melt-temperature and good melt-homogeneity. This concerns standard polymers (PE, PP, PS) and so-called technical polymers (PA, PC, PET, PBT, PMMA) as well as soft polymers and elastomers (PVC-W, PUR, TPE, EVA). Besides, this system in a standard design was tested successfully with a fast-running injection moulding machine Ø 70 × 23 D with different polymers (PS, PP, PE-HD). Compared to previous high-performance screws - with the same installed driving power - lower melt temperatures, good melt homogeneities and enhancements of the plasticating power between 20% and 100% were achieved.

* Mail address: E. Grünschloß, Institut für Kunststofftechnologie, University of Stuttgart, Böblinger Str. 70, D-70199 Stuttgart, Germany

Received: 2002-9-10
Accepted: 2003-5-26
Published Online: 2013-06-03
Published in Print: 2003-09-01

© 2003, Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich

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