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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 30, 2014

Improved Interfacial Properties of PA6/DE Blends by DE-g-MAH Prepared through Ultrasound Assisted Extrusion

  • W. Bao , H. Wu , T. Xie and S. Guo


In this paper, ultrasound was applied in extrusion reaction processing to graft an Elastomer (DE) with maleic anhydride (MAH), in order to improve the non-polarity of DE. Two types of DE-g-MAH were prepared by different methods and had similar grafting degree about 0.2 % and then they were added into the polyamide-6/elastomer (PA6/DE) blends, respectively. The effect of DE-g-MAH on the interfacial properties of PA6/DE blends was studied. The experimental results showed that, compared to the DE-g-MAH initiated by peroxide, DE-g-MAH initiated by ultrasound had better effect on refining the particle size of the dispersion phase and keeping the stability of the phase in the blends, which could be confirmed through SEM and Molau tests. When 5 % DE-g-MAH initiated by peroxide was added, the particle size of dispersion phase was 3.90 μm, however, when 5 % DE-g-MAH initiated by ultrasound was added, the particle size of dispersion phase was 2.82 μm. The results of TGA and mechanical tests showed the improved interfacial interaction and enhanced interfacial adhesion of the blend by adding DE-g-MAH, respectively.

* Mail address: Hong Wu, The State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering, Polymer Research Institute of Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, China, E-mail:


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Received: 2013-05-15
Accepted: 2014-02-17
Published Online: 2014-06-30
Published in Print: 2014-07-30

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