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Study of Mechanical and Moisture Absorption Behavior of Epoxy/Cloisite-15A Nanocomposites Processed Using Twin Screw Extruder

G. Angadi, H. N. N. Murthy, R. Sridhar, S. Firdosh and T. S. Roopa


This paper presents the effect of process parameters of twin screw extruder and addition of Cloisite-15A on mechanical, thermal and moisture barrier properties of epoxy/Cloisite-15A nanocomposites. Four lobed kneading blocks were used the in shearing zone of the extruder, based on their effectiveness in dispersing nanofillers in epoxy. Screw speeds from 100 min−1 to 400 min−1, number of passes up to 15, temperature from 5°C to 80°C and Cloisite-15A contents from 1 wt.% to 2.5 wt.% were considered for designing the L12 Orthogonal Array. Improvements in tensile strength, compression strength, flexural strength, impact strength, hardness and moisture diffusivity in the nanocomposites were 11.89%, 20.06%, 27.73%, 37.26%, 25.48% and 56.22% respectively, when compared to neat epoxy. The improvements were achieved for screw speed of 400 min–1, 5 passes through the extruder, processing temperature of 5°C and 2 wt.% of Cloisite-15A. Dispersion of Cloisite-15A in epoxy was studied by XRD, SEM and TEM. Thermal stability and moisture barrier properties were superior in the nanocomposites.

*Correspondence address, Mail address: H. N. Narasimha Murthy, Department of Mechanical Engineering RV College of Engineering, Bangalore-560059, Karnataka, India, E-mail:


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