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Numerical Modelling of the Mould Filling Stage in Gas-Assisted Injection Moulding

D. M. Gao, K. T. Nguyen, A. Garcia-Rejon and G. Salloum


This paper presents an effective numerical model capable of simulating the filling stage of the gas-assisted injection molding process, particularly the gas penetration phenomenon involving the gas-polymer interaction. A Galerkin Finite Element model is used to model the polymer flow during the filling and gas penetration stages. The polymer flow front and the gas-polymer interface are tracked using a volume tracking technique. Finally, a finite difference technique has been used to calculate the temperature across the thickness. Comparison between numerical simulation predictions and the experimental data for a plate mould as well as for a complex part is presented.

* Mail address: Dr. D. M. Gao. Industrial Materials Institute, National Research Council Canada, 75 de Mortagne, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada J4B 6Y4

Published Online: 2013-06-04
Published in Print: 1997-09-01

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