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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter November 30, 2021

An Assessment of Thermodynamic Equilibria in the Ag–Al–Cu–Mg Quaternary System in Relation to Precipitation Reactions

Michael Shek-Sia Lim, John E. Tibballs and Paul L. Rossiter


Thermochemical assessments of phase equilibria in the binary and ternary alloy subsystems which describe the addition of Ag to Al–Cu–Mg ternary alloys have been undertaken. The assessed Gibbs free energies show that the ternary intermetallic AlMgAg, silver-rich T-Al(Ag,Cu)Mg and AgMg3 phases are introduced into Al-rich alloys of the Al–Cu–Mg ternary system for atomic ratios Ag/Mg < 1. For Ag/Mg > 1 the B2 phase AgMg and the Mg-based hcp solid solution become stable. Phase diagrams computed from the assessed Gibbs free energies for Al–Cu– Mg alloys with 0.1 at.% Ag agree with observations of the enhanced stability of the phase T-Al32(Ag,Cu,Mg)49 relative to the h-Al2Cu phase compared with the ternary Al–Cu–Mg system, and the enrichment of Ag in the T phase in the Al–Cu–Mg–(Ag) quaternary system compared with its Cu content in the Al–Cu–Mg ternary system. The assessment accepts the Ω precipitation as a growth morphology of h-Al2Cu and strongly suggests that the ternary intermetallic AlMgAg rather than AgMg3 is the precursor on which it nucleates.

Michael Shek-Sia Lim, now at: CSIRO Division of Minerals Box 3 12 Rosebank MDC Clayton Victoria, 3169 Australia
John E. Tibballs Center for Materials Research University of Oslo, Gaustadalleen 21, N-0371 Oslo, Norway
Paul. L. Rossiter Department of Materials Engineering Monash University Victoria, Australia


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Received: 1996-04-25
Published Online: 2021-11-30

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