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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter December 30, 2021

Experimental Liquidus Points and Invariant Reactions in the Cu–Zr System

Maria Helena Braga, Luis Filipe Malheiros, Fernando Castro and Delfim Soares


In the Cu–Zr system, especially between 0.25 < x (Zr) < 1, experimental liquidus points are missing and many doubts arise concerning the invariant points. In 1986, Kneller et al. [1] pointed out the existence of three phases and two eutectoid reactions which had not yet been reported. This work has been questioned by other authors [2,3]. Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) experiments have been done in almost the whole range of compositions of the Cu–Zr system, especially where the work of Kneller et al. [1] is ambiguous; results are compared with the previous ones.

M.H. Braga, L.F. Malheiros GMM/IMAT, DEMET, FEUP Rua dos Bragas 4099 Porto Codex, Portugal
F. Castro, D. Soares Dep. Eng. Mecânica da Universidade do Minho Campus de Azurém 4800 Guimarães, Portugal

  1. The authors would like to thank the Portuguese Science Program PRAXIS XXI for the PhD bourse (BD / 3349 / 94). The authors would like to thank Prof. José Domingos Santos for his contributions to this work. The contribution of Mr. José Soares from CINFU in the metallographic preparation of the samples is also acknowledged.


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Received: 1998-02-19
Published Online: 2021-12-30

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