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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter January 8, 2022

Effect of modes of rolling on evolution of the texture in pure copper and some copper-base alloys

Part II: Annealing texture

  • S. Suwas , A. K. Singh EMAIL logo , K. Narasimha Rao and T. Singh


Effect of annealing on textures resulting from different modes of rolling deformation has been studied in pure Cu, Cu(Cr) and Cu(P) alloys with a view to obtain a very fine-grained microstructure and very weak texture. The annealing textures of differently rolled materials are dependent on the mode of rolling employed prior to heat treatment. A good combination of uniform fine-grained microstructure with weak texture has been achieved by annealing the multi-step cross-rolled materials.

Dr. A. K. Singh Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory Kanchanbagh PO, Hyderabad-500 058, India Tel.: +91 40 458 6488 Fax: +91 40 434 1439

  1. The authors are grateful to Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India for providing financial support to the research programme. We extend our thanks to Dr. D. Banerjee, Director, DMRL for his encouragement to carry out this work. Thanks are also due to the members of SFAG and MWG of DMRL for their help in carrying out the experimental work.


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Received: 2002-02-17
Published Online: 2022-01-08

© 2002 Carl Hanser Verlag, München

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