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book: Investigating Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Accessible Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by Rutgers University Press 2016

Investigating Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Theory and Practice across Disciplines

  • With contributions by: Helga Nowotny, Scott Frickel, Mathieu Albert, Barbara Prainsack, Dave McBee, Erin Leahey, Gregory J. Downey, Noah Weeth Feinstein, Daniel Lee Kleinman, Sigrid Peterson, Chisato Fukuda, Laurel Smith-Doerr, Jennifer Croissant, Itai Vardi, Timothy Sacco, Elise Paradis, Ayelet Kuper, Aaron Panofsky, Ryan Light, jimi adams, Ali O. Ilhan, Cyrus C.M. Mody, Hauke Reisch and Angela Cassidy
  • Edited by: Scott Frickel, Mathieu Albert and Barbara Prainsack
In the series The American Campus