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book: Climatic Change
Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by Harvard University Press 1953

Climatic Change

Evidence, Causes, and Effects

  • Edited by: Harlow Shapley
  • In collaboration with: Harlow Shapley , Carleton S. Coon , Paul B. Sears , Hurd C. Willett , H. Wexler , John Wolbach , Donald H. Menzel , Barbara Bell , P. L. Bhatnagar , Max Krook , A. J. J. van Woerkom , Dirk Brouwer , Richard Foster Flint , John T. Hack , C. C. Nikiforoff , J. Laurence Kulp , Edmund Schulman , John H. Conover , Victor Conrad , Elso S. Barghoorn , Edwin H. Colbert and Edward S. Deevey, Jr.
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