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Introduction: Race and Sociocultural Inclusion in Science Communication – Global Contemporary Issues

From the book Race and Sociocultural Inclusion in Science Communication

  • Elizabeth Rasekoala


The historical and contemporary trajectories of societal change and transformation on socio-economic and sociocultural indicators of inequality – on race, gender, social class, and other parameters – demonstrate that progressive systemic change is neither inevitable nor to be taken for granted and presumed as sustainable in an ever forward-moving direction. Hence the rationale for this book volume for the science communication field, as a means of advancing the pace of change for diversity, equity and inclusion on race and socio-cultural indicators, in both the Global North and South regions.

This chapter provides a globally inclusive overview of the various descriptions and definitions of key terms used in the book, as well as introducing its four thematic parts and the subsequent chapters therein. The key lessons, messaging points, advocacy and illuminating insights from each chapter are briefly outlined and related to the themes under which they are placed.

The chapter outlines the wide ranging global scenarios encapsulated by the book authors, as well as the broad range of stakeholders in the science communication field whose considerations have been reflected in the book’s chapters, and through this collective overview, demonstrates that the road to innovative transformation and decolonisation in science communication is a challenging but rewarding one.


diversityequityand inclusionEurocentrismdecolonisationadvocacyglobalisation
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