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The Negev

The Challenge of a Desert, Second Edition

In collaboration with: Yehoshua Itzhaki and Amiram Shkolnik

The Negev, first published over a decade ago, told the story of some twenty years of study of southern Israel's desert. It synthesized the findings of botanists, geologists, soil scientists, agronomists, archaeologists, historians, and engineers and told how the applications of their work produced an agricultural surplus in this forbiddingly dry, hot region.

, Now Michael Evenari has amplified the book with data from another decade of work. He describes the efforts at a new farm at Wadi Mashash, extends the weather data another ten years, presents further work on the adaptations of plants and animals to desert conditions, and takes a much deeper look at the historical precedents for the method of runoff agriculture, which has made the desert bloom.

Author Information


Michael Evenari is Professor of Botany, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.ShananLeslie:

Leslie Shanan was Consultant Engineer (Water Projects), Tel Aviv.TadmorNaphtali:

Naphtali Tadmor was Senior Lecturer in Botany, Hebrew University.



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Edition: 2nd ed. Reprint 2014
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