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Open Agriculture: Topical Issue on Agriculture in Space

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Dr. Thomas Graham, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Matthew Bamsey, German Aerospace Center, Germany


As a sustained human presence on the Moon and Mars moves ever closer to reality, the systems required for the maintenance of human life in these most extreme environments is taking on a more prominent role than they have at any previous point in the history of human space exploration. It is widely accepted that biologically self-regenerating (bioregenerative) systems, based on crop plants and supporting microorganisms, will play pivotal roles in extraterrestrial planetary human life-support. Open Agriculture’s Topical Issue, ‘Agriculture in Space’, highlights the history, importance, system requirements, and impacts of on-going developments in this field that will enable humanity to thrive beyond the protective confines of Earth.

We invite authors to submit their manuscripts to the Topical Issue on Agriculture in Space. For more information check this file.


Editor’s Note for the topical issue ‘Agriculture in Space’Forward to white paper

Forward to white paper

White Paper The Space Agriculture Endeavour

Initial survey on fresh fruit and vegetable preferences of Neumayer Station crew members: Input to crop selection and psychological benefits of space-based plant production systems
Mauerer, M. / Schubert, D. / Zabel, P. / Bamsey, M. / Kohlberg, E. / Mengedoht, D. 

Gardening for Therapeutic People-Plant Interactions during Long-Duration Space Missions
Odeh, Raymond / Guy, Charles L. 

Agriculture for Space: People and Places Paving the Way
Wheeler, Raymond M. 

VEG-01: Veggie Hardware Validation Testing on the International Space Station
Massa, Gioia D. / Dufour, Nicole F. / Carver, John A. / Hummerick, Mary E. / Wheeler, Raymond M. / Morrow, Robert C. / Smith, Trent M. 

Mechanical Stimulation Modifies Canopy Architecture and Improves Volume Utilization Efficiency in Bell Pepper: Implications for Bioregenerative Life-support and Vertical Farming
Graham, Thomas / Wheeler, Raymond 

Greenhouse production analysis of early mission scenarios for Moon and Mars habitats
Schubert, D.

Greenhouse Module for Space System: A Lunar Greenhouse Design
Zeidler, Conrad / Vrakking, Vincent / Bamsey, Matthew / Poulet, Lucie / Zabel, Paul / Schubert, Daniel / Paille, Christel / Mazzoleni, Erik / Domurath, Nico

Advanced Life Support Research and Technology Transfer at the University of Guelph
Dixon, M. / Stasiak, M. / Rondeau, T. / Graham, T.