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Open Mathematics: Topical Issue on “Cyber-Security Mathematics”

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Miguel V. Carriegos

Associate Guest Editors: Adriana Suárez Corona, María Isabel González Vasco

The Research Institute of Applied Sciences in Cybersecurity, Spain


Cybersecurity has become a research field of great interest. This special issue of Open Mathematics is devoted to contributions related to mathematics but with a clear application to some aspect of cybersecurity, cryptography or coding theory. Papers and projects on cybersecurity with a clear mathematical component are also welcomed.

We seek high-quality original research papers not previously published nor under review by another conference or journal. Survey papers are also welcomed provided their topic is of special interest.

Specific topics include but are not limited to:

  • Discrete Mathematics (groups, semigroups and automata, graphs and algorithms…) with applications to cybersecurity and communication networks, cloud computing, software analysis and reverse engineering, analysis of graph components and graph or network metrics…
  • Linear Algebra and its applications to data analysis, cryptography, coding theory…
  • Systems Theory and its applications to population dynamics, social networks, graph control and corporate diagrams, information flow analysis in social and/or corporate networks, …
  • Graphical representations of data, metrics for systems auditing…