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Open Archaeology: Topical Issue on Challenging Digital Archaeology

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Jeremy Huggett, University of Glasgow, UK
Davide Tanasi, University of South Florida, USA


In a digital environment increasingly characterised in terms of ‘big data’, cloud processing, crowd sourcing, social media, intelligent computing, etc., this issue will debate the future contributions of archaeological computing to the discipline with a view to developing a series of ‘grand challenges’ which seek to generate genuinely novel approaches and methodologies in digital archaeology and which represent radical paradigm shifts for the wider discipline and potentially beyond.

Challenging Digital Archaeology
Jeremy Huggett

A Manifesto for an Introspective Digital Archaeology
Jeremy Huggett

Extracting Information from Archaeological Texts
Keith W. Kintigh

Digital Technologies and Communication: Prospects and Expectations
Francesco Gabellone

Beyond Digital Dwelling: Re-thinking Interpretive Visualisation in Archaeology
Alice Watterson

Bringing Impossible Places to the Public: Three Ideas for Rupestrian Churches in Goreme, Kapadokya Utilizing a Digital Survey, 3D Printing, and Augmented Reality
Giorgio Verdiani

Challenging Heritage Visualisation: Beauty, Aura and Democratisation
Stuart Jeffrey

The Social Web and Archaeology’s Restructuring: Impact, Exploitation, Disciplinary Change
Sara Perry and Nicole Beale

Further Frontiers in GIS: Extending Spatial Analysis to Textual Sources in Archaeology
Patricia Murrieta-Flores and Ian Gregory

Curating Archaeological Knowledge in the Digital Continuum: from Practice to Infrastructure
Costis Dallas

Additive Archaeology: An Alternative Framework for Recontextualising Archaeological Entities
Paul Reilly