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Open Linguistics: Special Issue on Perspectives on Language Sustainability: Discourses, Policies and Practices



This special issue aims to examine theoretically- and empirically-founded approaches to language endangerment, vitality maintenance, and revitalisation. The articles take into consideration the intricate relationship between a variety of factors affecting language vitality and sustainability with a special focus on their management across diverse policy levels (global, local, individual). Papers in this volume demonstrate how such issues are linked to global shifts in modes of living, marked by the precarious conditions that either stem from free-market economy or the global turmoil and unrest that is destabilising political order in Europe and globally. Other factors that contribute to, or are affected by, (recent) changes in local language ecologies and, specifically, in small (and endangered) language communities worldwide, are also discussed. Various discourses and policies related to language endangerment, as well as practices related to rendering endangered languages more sustainable, are presented.


Klara Bilić Meštrić, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Lucija Šimičić, University of Zadar, Croatia