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Open Archeology: Call for proposals

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Open Archaeology journal invites groups of researchers, conference organizers etc. to submit their proposals of edited volumes to be considered as topical issues.

Open Archaeology is an international Open Access, peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes original, high-quality research on all aspects of archaeology. The journal encompasses novel, interdisciplinary approaches to archaeological data including archaeological science, theory and interpretation as well as archaeological heritage management and promotion.

Our past topical issues included:

  • Challenging Digital Archaeology (ed. Jeremy Huggett and Davide Tanasi)
  • Advances in Arctic Archaeology (ed. Peter Whitridge and Max Friesen)
  • Aspects of Non-Professional Metal Detecting in Europe (ed. Pieterjan Deckers, Michael Lewis and Suzie Thomas)
  • Understanding Diversity in Neolithic Houses and Households (ed. Joanna Pyzel, Penny Bickle, Ben Chan, Lech Czerniak and Christina Tsoraki)
  • Uncovering Historical Routes for Sustainable Mobility: Methods, Tools and Case Studies (ed. Cinzia Tavernari and Carlo Citter)
  • Portable XRF in Archaeology and Museum Studies (ed. Davide Tanasi, Robert Tykot and Andrea Vianello)
  • Exploring Advances in the Use of 3D Models of Objects in Archaeological Research (ed. Barry Molloy)
  • From Line to Colour: Social Context and Visual Communication of Prehistoric Art (ed. Liliana Janik and Simon Kaner)


Upcomning topical issues:

  • Scientific Studies of Obsidian Sources and Trade (ed. Robert H. Tykot, Maria Clara Martinelli and Andrea Vianello)


All are available, free access, at: www.openarchaeology.com 



Proposals may be submitted by completing the Topical Issue Proposal Form available at www.openarchaeology.com and forwarding them to Managing Editor Katarzyna Michalak at Katarzyna.Michalak@degruyteropen.com 

For futher details, please contact Katarzyna Michalak at Katarzyna.Michalak@degruyteropen.com