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9783110372779 A Course in Mathematical Cryptography
9783110203042 A Posteriori Estimates for Partial Differential Equations
9783110226744 A Primer in Combinatorics
9781400839049 A Primer on Mapping Class Groups (PMS-49)
9781400858002 A Source Book in Mathematics, 1200-1800
9781400881963 A Theory of Cross-Spaces. (AM-26), Volume 26
9783110889437 Abelian Varieties
9781400883943 Abelian Varieties with Complex Multiplication and Modular Functions
9781400864096 Abraham Robinson
9783110250091 Abstract Algebra
9783110340877 Abstract Algebra
9781400840922 Across the Board
9781400835362 Adaptive Control of Parabolic PDEs
9781400874668 Adaptive Control Processes
9783110283112 Adaptive Numerical Solution of PDEs
9783110321463 Additive Operator-Difference Schemes
9783110438222 Advanced Calculus
9783110213140 Advanced Financial Modelling
9781400848935 Advances in Analysis
9781400882014 Advances in Game Theory. (AM-52), Volume 52
9781400822492 Advances in the Theory of Riemann Surfaces. (AM-66), Volume 66
9781400848256 Agent_Zero: Toward Neurocognitive Foundations for Generative Social Science
9783110813418 Algebra
9783110805697 Algebra
9783110889550 Algebra and Analysis
9783110818840 Algebra and Geometry
9783110516142 Algebra and Number Theory
9783110878103 Algebra and Number Theory
9783110258356 Algebra in the Stone-Cech Compactification
9783110809220 Algebra in the Stone-Cech Compactification
9783110317916 Algebraic Curves and Finite Fields
9781400847419 Algebraic Curves over a Finite Field
9783110481846 Algebraic Elements of Graphs
9781400876686 Algebraic Geometry
9783110316230 Algebraic Geometry
9783110198072 Algebraic Geometry
9781400879915 Algebraic Geometry and Topology
9783110255096 Algebraic Graph Theory
9783110801958 Algebraic Number Theory and Diophantine Analysis
9781400856800 Algebraic Structures of Symmetric Domains
9781400882809 Algebraic Theory of Numbers. (AM-1), Volume 1
9781400882113 Algebraic Topology and Algebraic K-Theory (AM-113), Volume 113
9783110269307 Algebras of Multiplace Functions
9781400825110 Algorithms for Worst-Case Design and Applications to Risk Management
9783110329841 American-Type Options
9783110329827 American-Type Options
9781400882373 An Essay Toward a Unified Theory of Special Functions. (AM-18), Volume 18
9781400882465 An Extension of Casson's Invariant. (AM-126), Volume 126
9781400833894 An Imaginary Tale
9783110198164 An Introduction to Abstract Algebra
9781400854332 An Introduction to Combinatorial Analysis
9781400882540 An Introduction to G-Functions. (AM-133), Volume 133
9783110940923 An Introduction to Identification Problems via Functional Analysis
9781400882267 An Introduction to Linear Transformations in Hilbert Space. (AM-4), Volume 4
9783110821635 An Introduction to Lorentz Surfaces
9781400828340 Analysis of Evolutionary Processes: The Adaptive Dynamics Approach and Its Applications
9781400826483 Analysis of Heat Equations on Domains. (LMS-31)
9783110944648 Analytic and Probabilistic Methods in Number Theory
9781400876709 Analytic Functions
9781400860739 Analytic Pseudodifferential Operators for the Heisenberg Group and Local Solvability. (MN-37)
9781400884339 Analytic Theory of Global Bifurcation
9783110212105 Analytical and Numerical Aspects of Partial Differential Equations
9783110856941 Analyticity in Infinite Dimensional Spaces
9781400884186 Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics
9781400830190 Anticipating Correlations
9783110203011 Applied Algebraic Dynamics
9781400873258 Approximating Perfection
9783110885712 Approximation Procedures in Nonlinear Oscillation Theory
9783110199727 Approximations and Endomorphism Algebras of Modules
9783110218114 Approximations and Endomorphism Algebras of Modules
9783110861440 Approximations Diophantiennes et Nombres Transcendants. Diophantine Approximations and Transcendental Numbers
9781400875597 Approximations for Digital Computers
9781400858613 Archimedes
9783110869705 Arithmetic
9781400846016 Arithmetic Compactifications of PEL-Type Shimura Varieties
9781400881710 Arithmetic Moduli of Elliptic Curves. (AM-108), Volume 108
9783110811056 Arithmetic, Geometry, and Coding Theory
9783110889178 Aspects of Complexity
9783110873726 Asymptotic Methods for Elastic Structures
9783110250282 Asymptotic Statistics
9783110935998 Asymptotic Theory of Testing Statistical Hypotheses
9783110197969 Automatic Sequences
9781400881611 Automorphic Forms on Adele Groups. (AM-83), Volume 83
9781400882441 Automorphic Representation of Unitary Groups in Three Variables. (AM-123), Volume 123
9783110892703 Automorphic Representations, L-Functions and Applications: Progress and Prospects
9781400880041 Auxiliary Signal Design for Failure Detection
9783110802009 Banach Algebras 97
9783110918298 Banach Spaces and their Applications in Analysis
9781400873739 Bayesian Estimation of DSGE Models
9781400882090 Beijing Lectures in Harmonic Analysis. (AM-112), Volume 112
9783110269338 Bernstein Functions
9783110215311 Bernstein Functions
9781400886975 Between Quantum and Cosmos
9783110255294 Blow-up in Nonlinear Sobolev Type Equations
9783110889864 Blow-Up in Quasilinear Parabolic Equations
9781400826162 Blow-up Theory for Elliptic PDEs in Riemannian Geometry (MN-45)
9781400871261 Boundary Behavior of Holomorphic Functions of Several Complex Variables. (MN-11)
9783110265118 Bounded Variation and Around
9781400881420 Braids, Links, and Mapping Class Groups. (AM-82), Volume 82
9783110278989 Brownian Motion
9783110307306 Brownian Motion
9781400881468 C*-Algebra Extensions and K-Homology. (AM-95), Volume 95
9781400882397 Calculus on Heisenberg Manifolds. (AM-119), Volume 119
9783110915549 Carleman Estimates for Coefficient Inverse Problems and Numerical Applications
9783110226133 Casimir Force, Casimir Operators and the Riemann Hypothesis
9781400860623 Casson's Invariant for Oriented Homology Three-Spheres: An Exposition. (MN-36)
9783110935974 Chance and Stability
9781400832507 Chaotic Transitions in Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamical Systems
9783110809237 Character Theory of Finite Groups
9783110915556 Characterisation of Bio-Particles from Light Scattering
9781400881826 Characteristic Classes. (AM-76), Volume 76
9781400881772 Characters of Reductive Groups over a Finite Field. (AM-107), Volume 107
9781400842063 Chases and Escapes
9781400850532 Chow Rings, Decomposition of the Diagonal, and the Topology of Families (AM-187)
9781400842681 Circles Disturbed
9783110197976 Circle-valued Morse Theory
9781400841554 Classical Mathematical Logic
9781400874026 Classification of Pseudo-reductive Groups (AM-191)
9781400881475 Classifying Spaces for Surgery and Corbordism of Manifolds. (AM-92), Volume 92
9781400837113 Classifying Spaces of Degenerating Polarized Hodge Structures. (AM-169)
9783110203059 Classifying the Absolute Toral Rank Two Case
9783110517606 Classifying the Absolute Toral Rank Two Case
9783110198119 Codes and Designs
9783110940916 Coefficient Inverse Problems for Parabolic Type Equations and Their Application
9781400883936 Cohomological Induction and Unitary Representations (PMS-45), Volume 45
9781400881673 Cohomology Operations (AM-50), Volume 50
9781400882083 Combinatorial Group Theory and Topology. (AM-111), Volume 111
9783110854480 Combinatorial Homotopy and 4-Dimensional Complexes
9783110280616 Combinatorial Number Theory
9783110208504 Combinatorial Number Theory
9783110925098 Combinatorial Number Theory
9781400882458 Combinatorics of Train Tracks. (AM-125), Volume 125
9781400882519 Commensurabilities among Lattices in PU (1,n). (AM-132), Volume 132
9783110213188 Commutative Algebra and its Applications
9783110876833 Compact Projective Planes
9783110480214 Complementation of Normal Subgroups
9781400835249 Complete and Incomplete Econometric Models
9783110263015 Completion of the Classification
9783110806090 Complex Analysis and Algebraic Geometry
9783110867817 Complex Analysis and Geometry
9781400882557 Complex Dynamics and Renormalization (AM-135), Volume 135
9783110268287 Complexity and Evolution of Dissipative Systems
9783110943276 Composite Type Equations and Inverse Problems
9781400882625 Composition Methods in Homotopy Groups of Spheres. (AM-49), Volume 49
9783110824834 Compositions of Quadratic Forms
9781400839001 Computational Aspects of Modular Forms and Galois Representations
9783110865950 Computational Number Theory
9783110270419 Computational Physics of Electric Discharges in Gas Flows
9783110359954 Computational Technologies
9783110359961 Computational Technologies
9783110301793 Computer Arithmetic and Validity
9783110203196 Computer Arithmetic and Validity
9783110940930 Computer Modelling in Tomography and Ill-Posed Problems
9781400864041 Computer-Aided Verification of Coordinating Processes
9783110870893 Condensing Multivalued Maps and Semilinear Differential Inclusions in Banach Spaces
9783110808056 Conformal Geometry of Discrete Groups and Manifolds
9781400881635 Consistency of the Continuum Hypothesis. (AM-3), Volume 3
9783110873108 Contact Geometry and Linear Differential Equations
9781400883950 Continuous Geometry
9781400882052 Continuous Model Theory. (AM-58), Volume 58
9781400881956 Contributions to Fourier Analysis. (AM-25)
9781400881727 Contributions to the Theory of Games (AM-24), Volume I
9781400881970 Contributions to the Theory of Games (AM-28), Volume II
9781400882151 Contributions to the Theory of Games (AM-39), Volume III
9781400882168 Contributions to the Theory of Games (AM-40), Volume IV
9781400882632 Contributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations (AM-20), Volume I
9781400882700 Contributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations (AM-29), Volume II
9781400882175 Contributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations (AM-36), Volume III
9781400881758 Contributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations (AM-41), Volume IV
9781400882649 Contributions to the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations (AM-45), Volume V
9781400882182 Contributions to the Theory of Partial Differential Equations. (AM-33), Volume 33
9781400828371 Contributions to the Theory of Riemann Surfaces. (AM-30), Volume 30
9781400833870 Control Theoretic Splines
9781400882199 Convergence and Uniformity in Topology. (AM-2), Volume 2
9783110889383 Convergence in Ergodic Theory and Probability
9781400873173 Convex Analysis
9783110361629 Convex Analysis and Optimization in Hadamard Spaces
9783110460308 Convex and Set-Valued Analysis
9781400842704 Convolution and Equidistribution
9783110866353 Coordinates
9781400882410 Cosmology in (2 + 1) -Dimensions, Cyclic Models, and Deformations of M2,1. (AM-121), Volume 121
9783110942033 Countable Systems of Differential Equations
9783110915532 Counterexamples in Optimal Control Theory
9783110264524 Current Algebras on Riemann Surfaces
9781400882205 Curvature and Betti Numbers. (AM-32), Volume 32
9781400837120 Cycles, Transfers, and Motivic Homology Theories. (AM-143), Volume 143
9783110866223 Deformation Quantization
9781400846108 Degenerate Diffusion Operators Arising in Population Biology (AM-185)
9781400882212 Degree of Approximation by Polynomials in the Complex Domain. (AM-9), Volume 9
9781400881840 Degrees of Unsolvability. (AM-55), Volume 55
9781400876204 Detection Theory
9781400874842 Differential and Combinatorial Topology
9783110218176 Differential Equations with Impulse Effects
9781400858682 Differential Geometry of Complex Vector Bundles
9781400882106 Differential Systems and Isometric Embeddings.(AM-114), Volume 114
9781400865253 Diffusion, Quantum Theory, and Radically Elementary Mathematics. (MN-47)
9781400846115 Digital Dice
9781400875665 Dimension Theory (PMS-4), Volume 4
9783110282283 Direct and Inverse Problems in Wave Propagation and Applications
9783110960716 Direct Methods of Solving Multidimensional Inverse Hyperbolic Problems
9783110880052 Dirichlet Forms and Stochastic Processes
9783110218091 Dirichlet Forms and Symmetric Markov Processes
9783110889741 Dirichlet Forms and Symmetric Markov Processes
9781400877218 Discontinuous Automatic Control
9781400881642 Discontinuous Groups and Riemann Surfaces (AM-79), Volume 79
9783110891355 Discontinuous Groups of Isometries in the Hyperbolic Plane
9783110413335 Discrete Algebraic Methods
9781400837137 Discrete Orthogonal Polynomials. (AM-164)
9781400881765 Discrete Series of GLn Over a Finite Field. (AM-81), Volume 81
9783110298512 Distribution Theory
9783110208269 Distribution Theory of Algebraic Numbers
9783110269291 Distributions
9783110856033 D-Modules and Microlocal Geometry
9781400862078 D-Modules and Spherical Representations. (MN-39)
9781400838479 Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula
9781400843046 Duelling Idiots and Other Probability Puzzlers
9783110944839 Dynamical Inverse Problems of Distributed Systems
9781400835539 Dynamics in One Complex Variable. (AM-160)
9781400832347 e: The Story of a Number
9781400849673 Einstein's Jury
9781400882656 Elementary Differential Topology. (AM-54), Volume 54
9783110849455 Elementary Geometry in Hyperbolic Space
9781400877287 Elementary Particles
9781400876464 Elementary Statistical Analysis
9783110316674 Elements of Partial Differential Equations
9783110206753 Elements of Partial Differential Equations
9783110943252 Elements of the Theory of Inverse Problems
9783110198010 Elliptic Curves
9783110281149 Elliptic Diophantine Equations
9783110315424 Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
9781400830114 Elliptic Partial Differential Equations and Quasiconformal Mappings in the Plane (PMS-48)
9783110848915 Elliptic Problems in Domains with Piecewise Smooth Boundaries
9781400841714 Elliptic Tales
9783110199697 Embedding Problems in Symplectic Geometry
9781400876082 Enjoyment of Mathematics
9781400881482 Entire Holomorphic Mappings in One and Several Complex Variables. (AM-85), Volume 85
9781400865222 Entropy
9783110424904 Environmental Data Analysis
9783110200027 Equivariant Degree Theory
9783110844641 Ergodic Theorems
9783110461510 Ergodic Theory
9783110298208 Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
9783110199291 Error Calculus for Finance and Physics
9781400852949 Essays on Fourier Analysis in Honor of Elias M. Stein (PMS-42)
9781400869220 Estimates of the Neumann Problem. (MN-19), Volume 19
9781400881499 Etale Homotopy of Simplicial Schemes. (AM-104), Volume 104
9781400865208 Euler Systems. (AM-147), Volume 147
9781400838561 Euler's Gem
9783110874440 Evolution Equations and Lagrangian Coordinates
9783110491326 Exact Finite-Difference Schemes
9781400856459 Existence and Regularity of Minimal Surfaces on Riemannian Manifolds. (MN-27)
9781400882229 Existence Theorems in Partial Differential Equations. (AM-23), Volume 23
9781400882434 Exponential Sums and Differential Equations. (AM-124), Volume 124
9783110809787 Extension of Holomorphic Functions
9783110547665 Farey Sequences
9781400839551 Fascinating Mathematical People
9781400837779 Fearless Symmetry
9783110203738 Feynman-Kac-Type Theorems and Gibbs Measures on Path Space
9783110809114 Fine Structure and Class Forcing
9781400882236 Finite Dimensional Vector Spaces. (AM-7), Volume 7
9783110350784 Finite Elements in Vector Lattices
9783110199741 Finite Geometries, Groups, and Computation
9783110198126 Finite Groups 2003
9783110870138 Finite Soluble Groups
9783110883220 First International Tainan-Moscow Algebra Workshop
9781400875184 Flows in Networks
9781400882021 Flows on Homogeneous Spaces. (AM-53), Volume 53
9783110900132 Formulas in Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems
9783110944983 Forward and Inverse Problems for Hyperbolic, Elliptic and Mixed Type Equations
9781400835263 Forward-Looking Decision Making
9781400881505 Foundational Essays on Topological Manifolds, Smoothings, and Triangulations. (AM-88), Volume 88
9781400886098 Foundations of Algebraic Analysis (PMS-37), Volume 37
9781400877492 Foundations of Algebraic Topology
9781400871339 Fourier Analysis on Local Fields. (MN-15)
9781400881246 Fourier Restriction for Hypersurfaces in Three Dimensions and Newton Polyhedra (AM-194)
9781400882243 Fourier Transforms. (AM-19), Volume 19
9781400861040 Fractals in the Natural Sciences
9783110497977 Fractional-Order Control Systems
9783110522075 Fractional-Order Equations and Inclusions
9781400842698 Fréchet Differentiability of Lipschitz Functions and Porous Sets in Banach Spaces (AM-179)
9783110546163 Free Boundaries in Rock Mechanics
9783110200003 From Combinatorics to Dynamical Systems
9781400862085 From Perturbative to Constructive Renormalization
9781400851317 Frontiers in Complex Dynamics
9783110281903 Function Classes on the Unit Disc
9783110250428 Function Spaces, 1
9783110198058 Function Spaces, Interpolation Theory and Related Topics
9783110441925 Functional Analysis
9781400881598 Functional Integration and Partial Differential Equations. (AM-109), Volume 109
9781400881895 Functional Operators (AM-21), Volume 1
9781400882250 Functional Operators (AM-22), Volume 2
9781400877522 Functionals of Finite Riemann Surfaces
9781400827268 Fundamental Papers in Wavelet Theory
9781400848225 Gauge Theories of the Strong, Weak, and Electromagnetic Interactions
9781400882120 Gauss Sums, Kloosterman Sums, and Monodromy Groups. (AM-116), Volume 116
9781400826964 General Theory of Algebraic Equations
9781400884193 General Theory of Relativity
9781400881864 Generalized Feynman Amplitudes. (AM-62), Volume 62
9783110378443 Generalized Inverse Operators
9783110944679 Generalized Inverse Operators and Fredholm Boundary-Value Problems
9783110936018 Generalized Poisson Models and their Applications in Insurance and Finance
9783110198133 Geometric Aspects of Dwork Theory
9783110810820 Geometric Group Theory
9783110806861 Geometric Group Theory Down Under
9781400877577 Geometric Integration Theory
9783110908961 Geometry from the Pacific Rim
9783110805055 Geometry, Topology and Physics
9783110206616 Getting Acquainted with Fractals
9783110250329 Gibbs Measures and Phase Transitions
9783110268898 Global Affine Differential Geometry of Hypersurfaces
9781400871230 Global Analysis
9781400865154 Global Surgery Formula for the Casson-Walker Invariant. (AM-140), Volume 140
9781400870431 Global Variational Analysis: Weierstrass Integrals on a Riemannian Manifold. (MN-16)
9781400830329 Google's PageRank and Beyond
9781400835355 Graph Theoretic Methods in Multiagent Networks
9781400849277 Graphic Discovery
9783110481068 Graphs for Pattern Recognition
9781400837144 Green's Function Estimates for Lattice Schrödinger Operators and Applications. (AM-158)
9783110253399 Green's Functions
9783110909746 Gröbner Bases in Control Theory and Signal Processing
9783110922752 Gröbner Bases in Symbolic Analysis
9781400837670 Group Theory
9783110811957 Group Theory, Algebra, and Number Theory
9783110908978 Groups - Korea 94
9783110807493 Groups – Korea 98
9783110872743 Groups and Computation III
9783110208221 Groups of Prime Power Order Volume 1
9783110208238 Groups of Prime Power Order Volume 2
9783110254488 Groups of Prime Power Order Volume 3
9783110281477 Groups of Prime Power Order Volume 4
9783110295351 Groups of Prime Power Order Volume 5
9783110893106 Groups, Difference Sets, and the Monster
9781400824441 Guesstimation
9781400844661 Guesstimation 2.0
9781400886814 Guide to Tables in Mathematical Statistics
9781400842902 Hadamard Matrices and Their Applications
9781400850549 Hangzhou Lectures on Eigenfunctions of the Laplacian (AM-188)
9781400883929 Harmonic Analysis (PMS-43), Volume 43
9781400882427 Harmonic Analysis in Phase Space. (AM-122), Volume 122
9783110877595 Harmonic Analysis of Probability Measures on Hypergroups
9781400882502 Harmonic Maps and Minimal Immersions with Symmetries (AM-130), Volume 130
9781400844807 Heavenly Mathematics
9781400844791 Henri Poincaré
9781400850518 Hidden Markov Processes
9783110814736 Higher Dimensional Complex Varieties
9781400830558 Higher Topos Theory (AM-170)
9781400850327 High-Frequency Financial Econometrics
9781400851478 Hodge Theory (MN-49)
9783110838350 Holomorphic Functions of Several Variables
9783110808148 Holomorphy and Convexity in Lie Theory
9781400883844 Homological Algebra (PMS-19), Volume 19
9783110893014 Homotopy of Extremal Problems
9783110296891 Hörmander Spaces, Interpolation, and Elliptic Problems
9781400833955 How Mathematicians Think
9781400837953 How Round Is Your Circle?
9781400842636 Hybrid Dynamical Systems
9781400882564 Hyperfunctions on Hypo-Analytic Manifolds (AM-136), Volume 136
9781400862887 Hypo-Analytic Structures (PMS-40), Volume 40
9781400840571 Hypoelliptic Laplacian and Orbital Integrals (AM-177)
9783110943290 Identification Problems of Wave Phenomena
9783110936520 Ill-Posed and Non-Classical Problems of Mathematical Physics and Analysis
9783110915518 Ill-Posed Boundary-Value Problems
9783110944815 Ill-Posed Internal Boundary Value Problems for the Biharmonic Equation
9783110900118 Ill-Posed Problems with A Priori Information
9781400829675 Impossible?
9781400865246 Impulsive and Hybrid Dynamical Systems
9783110295313 Impulsive Differential Inclusions
9781400839599 In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman
9783110200010 Infinite Dimensional Groups and Manifolds
9783110851205 Infinite Dimensional Lie Superalgebras
9783110439427 Infinite Ergodic Theory of Numbers
9783110810387 Infinite Groups 1994
9781400821259 Infinite Loop Spaces (AM-90), Volume 90
9783110359831 Infinite Series in a History of Analysis
9781400849048 Infinity and the Mind
9783110857818 Inner Models and Large Cardinals
9783110373202 Inside Finite Elements
9783110298161 Integers
9783110942040 Integral Equations and Iteration Methods in Electromagnetic Scattering
9783110940947 Integral Geometry and Inverse Problems for Kinetic Equations
9783110900095 Integral Geometry of Tensor Fields
9783110203219 Integral Representation Theory
9781400877812 Integration
9781400837151 Integration of One-forms on P-adic Analytic Spaces. (AM-162)
9783110213195 Interpretations of Probability
9783110499469 Interval Analysis
9781400881796 Introduction to Algebraic K-Theory. (AM-72), Volume 72
9781400877867 Introduction to Differential Geometry
9781400883899 Introduction to Fourier Analysis on Euclidean Spaces (PMS-32), Volume 32
9783110220209 Introduction to Harmonic Analysis and Generalized Gelfand Pairs
9781400871131 Introduction to Harmonic Analysis on Reductive P-adic Groups. (MN-23): Based on lectures by Harish-Chandra at The Institute for Advanced Study, 1971-73
9781400881451 Introduction to Mathematical Logic (PMS-13), Volume 13
9783110879971 Introduction to Neural Dynamics and Signal Transmission Delay
9781400882274 Introduction to Non-Linear Mechanics. (AM-11), Volume 11
9781400835409 Introduction to Ramsey Spaces (AM-174)
9781400879946 Introduction to Topology
9783110378160 Introduction to Topology
9781400882526 Introduction to Toric Varieties. (AM-131), Volume 131
9781400867158 Introductory Lectures on Automorphic Forms
9781400877874 Invariance Principles and Elementary Particles
9783110253863 Invariant Distances and Metrics in Complex Analysis
9783110870312 Invariant Distances and Metrics in Complex Analysis
9781400881888 Invariant Forms on Grassmann Manifolds. (AM-89), Volume 89
9783110224016 Inverse and Ill-posed Problems
9783110969412 Inverse and Ill-Posed Sources Problems
9783110900125 Inverse Logarithmic Potential Problem
9783110258615 Inverse Problems and Nonlinear Evolution Equations
9783110940909 Inverse Problems for Kinetic and Other Evolution Equations
9783110900101 Inverse Problems for Maxwell's Equations
9783110944631 Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations
9783110943283 Inverse Problems of Electromagnetic Geophysical Fields
9783110915525 Inverse Problems of Mathematical Physics
9783110943269 Inverse Problems of Vibrational Spectroscopy
9783110940893 Inverse Problems of Wave Processes
9783110943849 Investigation Methods for Inverse Problems
9781400882663 Isoperimetric Inequalities in Mathematical Physics. (AM-27), Volume 27
9783110250657 Iterative Methods for Ill-Posed Problems
9783110208276 Iterative Regularization Methods for Nonlinear Ill-Posed Problems
9781400830848 It's About Time
9783110878110 Jordan Algebras
9781400882038 Knot Groups. Annals of Mathematics Studies. (AM-56), Volume 56
9783110270785 Knots
9783110198034 Knots
9783110875911 Knots 90
9781400881512 Knots, Groups and 3-Manifolds (AM-84), Volume 84
9783110884586 Korovkin-type Approximation Theory and Its Applications
9783110279641 Krichever–Novikov Type Algebras
9781400881413 K-Theory of Forms. (AM-98), Volume 98
9781400869855 Kunihiko Kodaira, Volume I
9781400869862 Kunihiko Kodaira, Volume II
9781400869879 Kunihiko Kodaira, Volume III
9781400876457 Laplace Transform (PMS-6)
9783110282269 Large Scale Inverse Problems
9783110250077 Learning and Teaching Mathematics using Simulations
9783110811117 Lectures in Real Geometry
9783110927092 Lectures on Advanced Computational Methods in Mechanics
9781400869299 Lectures on Complex Analytic Varieties (MN-14), Volume 14: Finite Analytic Mappings. (MN-14)
9781400871506 Lectures on Current Algebra and Its Applications
9781400882069 Lectures on Curves on an Algebraic Surface. (AM-59), Volume 59
9781400881949 Lectures on Differential Equations. (AM-14), Volume 14
9781400881994 Lectures on Fourier Integrals. (AM-42), Volume 42
9781400881666 Lectures on Modular Forms. (AM-48), Volume 48
9781400881703 Lectures on P-Adic L-Functions. (AM-74), Volume 74
9781400870486 Lectures on Pseudo-Differential Operators: Regularity Theorems and Applications to Non-Elliptic Problems. (MN-24)
9781400827800 Lectures on Resolution of Singularities (AM-166)
9781400872695 Lectures on Riemann Surfaces
9781400882472 Lectures on the Arithmetic Riemann-Roch Theorem. (AM-127), Volume 127
9781400878055 Lectures on the H-Cobordism Theorem
9781400829569 Lectures on the Theory of Games (AM-37)
9783110250367 Lectures on the Topology of 3-Manifolds
9783110806359 Lectures on the Topology of 3-Manifolds
9781400881734 Lie Equations, Vol. I
9783110269055 Linear and Semilinear Partial Differential Equations
9781400881987 Linear Inequalities and Related Systems. (AM-38), Volume 38
9781400884179 Linear Programming and Extensions
9783110915501 Linear Sobolev Type Equations and Degenerate Semigroups of Operators
9783110200058 Locally Compact Quantum Groups and Groupoids
9781400835416 Log-Gases and Random Matrices (LMS-34)
9783110900583 Loops in Group Theory and Lie Theory
9783110269840 Lotka-Volterra and Related Systems
9781400836116 Loving and Hating Mathematics
9781400839384 Magical Mathematics
9783110366976 Markov Operators, Positive Semigroups and Approximation Processes
9781400835577 Markov Processes from K. Itô's Perspective (AM-155)
9783110250114 Markov Processes, Semigroups and Generators
9783110215250 Masatoshi Fukushima: Selecta
9781400842650 Mathematical Analysis of Deterministic and Stochastic Problems in Complex Media Electromagnetics
9781400827794 Mathematical Aspects of Nonlinear Dispersive Equations (AM-163)
9783110339161 Mathematical Demoeconomy
9781400841998 Mathematical Excursions to the World's Great Buildings
9781400883868 Mathematical Methods of Statistics (PMS-9), Volume 9
9783111563398 Mathematical Miscellanea. 1
9783111563404 Mathematical Miscellanea. 2
9783110258592 Mathematical Models of Convection
9783110208535 Mathematical Statistics
9783110809343 Mathematical Statistics
9783110850826 Mathematical Theory of Statistics
9781400832880 Mathematicians
9781400831401 Mathematicians Fleeing from Nazi Germany
9781400865383 Mathematicians under the Nazis
9783110288537 Mathematics and Life Sciences
9783110886726 Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
9781400834075 Mathematics in India
9781400841011 Mathematics in Nature
9783110811087 Mathematics of Decision Theory
9783110905434 Mathematische Werke / Mathematical Works
9781400842070 Mathletics
9781400833887 Matrices, Moments and Quadrature with Applications
9781400840595 Matrix Completions, Moments, and Sums of Hermitian Squares
9781400833344 Matrix Mathematics
9781400865239 Max Plus at Work
9781400861521 Maxwell's Demon
9783110533026 Meanders
9783110866209 Measure and Integration Theory
9781400857739 Measures and Men
9783110917796 Mechanics in Differential Geometry
9781400882281 Meromorphic Functions and Analytic Curves. (AM-12)
9783110940961 Method of Spectral Mappings in the Inverse Problem Theory
9783110920291 Methods for Solution of Nonlinear Operator Equations
9783110900156 Methods for Solving Operator Equations
9783110195286 Methods of Approximation Theory
9783110813548 Methods of Noncommutative Analysis
9783110264012 Metric Embeddings
9781400882298 Metric Methods of Finsler Spaces and in the Foundations of Geometry. (AM-8)
9783110351781 Metric Theories of Gravity
9783110284829 Metrology and Theory of Measurement
9781400833320 Mind and Nature
9783110485738 Minkowski Space
9781400828746 Modeling with Data
9783110203035 Models, Modules and Abelian Groups
9781400839025 Modern Anti-windup Synthesis
9781400882571 Modern Methods in Complex Analysis (AM-137), Volume 137
9783110936537 Modern Theory of Summation of Random Variables
9781400837168 Modular Forms and Special Cycles on Shimura Curves. (AM-161)
9783110889161 Modular Representation Theory of Finite Groups
9783110205787 Modules over Discrete Valuation Domains
9783110891928 Moduli Spaces of Abelian Surfaces
9781400826957 Moments, Monodromy, and Perversity. (AM-159)
9783110812909 Monoids, Acts and Categories
9783110920307 Monte Carlo Method for Solving Inverse Problems of Radiation Transfer
9783110293586 Monte Carlo Methods and Applications
9781400881802 Morse Theory. (AM-51), Volume 51
9783110870473 Motion by Mean Curvature and Related Topics
9781400833467 Mrs. Perkins's Electric Quilt
9783110271478 Multidimensional Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems for Differential Equations
9781400852758 Multi-parameter Singular Integrals. (AM-189), Volume I
9781400881628 Multiple Integrals in the Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear Elliptic Systems. (AM-105), Volume 105
9783110874228 Multivalued Differential Equations
9783110369540 Multivariable Calculus and Differential Geometry
9783110223996 Multivariate Characteristic and Correlation Functions
9783110944655 Multivariate Statistics
9781400842735 Mumford-Tate Groups and Domains
9781400831906 Mythematics
9783110273991 Nanoclusters and Microparticles in Gases and Vapors
9783110263343 Narrow Operators on Function Spaces and Vector Lattices
9783110535136 Nature’s Patterns and the Fractional Calculus
9783110863147 Nevanlinna Theory and Complex Differential Equations
9781400882489 Nilpotence and Periodicity in Stable Homotopy Theory. (AM-128), Volume 128
9783110846218 Nilpotent Groups and their Automorphisms
9781400853656 Non-Abelian Minimal Closed Ideals of Transitive Lie Algebras. (MN-25)
9781400881222 Non-Archimedean Tame Topology and Stably Dominated Types (AM-192)
9783110900149 Nonclassical and Inverse Problems for Pseudoparabolic Equations
9783110944976 Nonclassical Linear Volterra Equations of the First Kind
9783110270433 Nonconservative Stability Problems of Modern Physics
9783110316575 Nonlinear Dynamics
9783110199277 Nonlinear Integral Operators and Applications
9783110315288 Nonlinear Programming
9783110305319 Nonlinear Second Order Elliptic Equations Involving Measures
9783110199260 Nonlinear Spectral Theory
9783110811902 Nonlinear Wave Equations Perturbed by Viscous Terms
9781400832248 Nonnegative and Compartmental Dynamical Systems
9781400865031 Nonparametric Comparative Statics and Stability
9783110917819 Nonparametric Methods in Statistics and Related Topics
9783110305210 Non-perturbative Effective Interactions in the Standard Model
9781400837380 Nonplussed!
9781400884223 Non-standard Analysis
9783110933666 Normal Approximation
9781400881741 Normal Two-Dimensional Singularities. (AM-71), Volume 71
9781400879977 Notes on Cobordism Theory
9781400867318 Notes on Crystalline Cohomology. (MN-21)
9783110809794 Number Theory
9783110870923 Number Theory
9783110285581 Number Theory in Progress
9783110282429 Number Theory, Analysis, and Combinatorics
9781400839582 Number-Crunching
9781400834440 Numbers Rule
9783110944662 Numerical Analysis of Systems of Ordinary and Stochastic Differential Equations
9781400875900 Numerical Calculus
9783110857658 Numerical Linear Algebra
9783110250374 Numerical Methods for Eigenvalue Problems
9783110205794 Numerical Methods for Solving Inverse Problems of Mathematical Physics
9783110916706 Numerical Particle-in-Cell Methods
9781400881789 On Group-Theoretic Decision Problems and Their Classification. (AM-68), Volume 68
9781400882137 On Knots. (AM-115), Volume 115
9781400835393 On the Cohomology of Certain Non-Compact Shimura Varieties (AM-173)
9781400837175 On the Tangent Space to the Space of Algebraic Cycles on a Smooth Algebraic Variety. (AM-157)
9781400869305 On Uniformization of Complex Manifolds: The Role of Connections (MN-22)
9783110199680 One Hundred Years of Russell´s Paradox
9781400864775 Operator Techniques in Atomic Spectroscopy
9783110900163 Operator Theory
9783110960723 Operator Theory and Ill-Posed Problems
9783110218190 Operators and Iterative Processes of Fejér Type
9783110249996 Optimal Control of ODEs and DAEs
9781400829361 Optimization
9781400830244 Optimization Algorithms on Matrix Manifolds
9783110250213 Optimization in Function Spaces
9781400882304 Order-Preserving Maps and Integration Processes. (AM-31), Volume 31
9783110372946 Orders and Generic Constructions of Units
9783110853698 Ordinary Differential Equations
9783110901757 Orthogonal Decompositions and Integral Lattices
9783110335682 Oscillations and Resonances
9783110269208 Oscillatory Neural Networks
9781400831975 Outer Billiards on Kites (AM-171)
9783110198096 Painlevé Differential Equations in the Complex Plane
9783110275667 Painlevé Equations and Related Topics
9783110889765 Parametric Statistical Theory
9783110250275 Partial Differential Equations
9783110430608 Parton Densities in Quantum Chromodynamics
9783110531145 Pattern Recognition on Oriented Matroids
9781400882601 Period Spaces for p-divisible Groups (AM-141), Volume 141
9781400878451 Physics of Elementary Particles
9783110298369 Planar Dynamical Systems
9781400860210 Plateau's Problem and the Calculus of Variations. (MN-35)
9781400829040 Plato's Ghost
9781400827787 Positive Definite Matrices
9783110365696 Positive Dynamical Systems in Discrete Time
9783110811186 Positivity in Lie Theory
9783110859065 Potential Theory
9783110818574 Potential Theory - ICPT 94
9783110876840 Potential Theory on Infinite-Dimensional Abelian Groups
9781400858927 Predicative Arithmetic. (MN-32)
9781400845934 Prime-Detecting Sieves. (LMS-33)
9783110195293 Probabilistic Applications of Tauberian Theorems
9783110814668 Probability Theory
9783110466195 Probability Theory
9783110862829 Probability Theory
9783110917826 Probability Theory and Extreme Value Theory
9783110402711 Probability Theory and Statistical Applications
9781400882311 Probleme General de la Stabilite du Mouvement. (AM-17), Volume 17
9781400869312 Problems in Analysis
9781400869930 Proceedings of the Princeton Symposium on Mathematical Programming
9783110220612 Products of Finite Groups
9781400881857 Profinite Groups, Arithmetic, and Geometry. (AM-67), Volume 67
9781400862535 Programming as if People Mattered
9783110250404 Progress in Commutative Algebra 1
9783110278606 Progress in Commutative Algebra 2
9781400881697 Prospects in Mathematics. (AM-70), Volume 70
9781400882588 Prospects in Topology (AM-138), Volume 138
9783110250312 Pseudodifferential and Singular Integral Operators
9781400886104 Pseudodifferential Operators (PMS-34)
9783110881035 Public-Key Cryptography and Computational Number Theory
9781400829903 Pythagoras' Revenge
9781400826940 Quadrangular Algebras. (MN-46)
9781400875955 Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations
9783110935042 Qualitative Theory of Parabolic Equations, Part 1
9783110316254 Quality of Life and Living Standards Analysis
9783110270358 Quantum Field Theory
9783110221848 Quantum Invariants of Knots and 3-Manifolds
9783110435221 Quantum Invariants of Knots and 3-Manifolds
9781400868834 Quantum Mechanics for Hamiltonians Defined as Quadratic Forms
9783110273403 Quantum Systems, Channels, Information
9781400854554 Quantum Theory and Measurement
9783110804775 Quasilinear Elliptic Equations with Degenerations and Singularities
9783110208252 Quasi-Stationary Phenomena in Nonlinearly Perturbed Stochastic Systems
9783110936025 Queueing Theory
9783110433661 Radiation Risk Estimation
9781400882144 Radically Elementary Probability Theory. (AM-117), Volume 117
9781400826179 Radon Transforms and the Rigidity of the Grassmannians (AM-156)
9781400881390 Ramification Theoretic Methods in Algebraic Geometry (AM-43), Volume 43
9783110296815 Random Fields and Stochastic Lagrangian Models
9781400881536 Random Fourier Series with Applications to Harmonic Analysis. (AM-101), Volume 101
9783110198089 Random Walks and Geometry
9783110942026 Random Walks on Boundary for Solving PDEs
9781400833092 Rational Decisions
9783110889314 Rational Iteration
9783110881271 Real Analytic and Algebraic Geometry
9781400883967 Real Submanifolds in Complex Space and Their Mappings (PMS-47)
9781400862528 Recent Advances in Global Optimization
9781400881543 Recent Developments in Several Complex Variables. (AM-100), Volume 100
9781400855162 Recurrence in Ergodic Theory and Combinatorial Number Theory
9783110275643 Recursion Theory
9783110807486 Recursion Theory and Complexity
9783110351347 Regular Graphs
9783110255720 Regularization Methods in Banach Spaces
9783110286496 Regularization Theory for Ill-posed Problems
9783110943238 Regularization, Uniqueness and Existence of Solutions of Volterra Equations of the First Kind
9783110215236 Relative Homological Algebra
9783110215212 Relative Homological Algebra
9783110803662 Relative Homological Algebra
9783110811919 Relaxation in Optimization Theory and Variational Calculus
9781400865178 Renormalization and 3-Manifolds Which Fiber over the Circle (AM-142), Volume 142
9783110806298 Representation Theory of Finite Groups
9781400883974 Representation Theory of Semisimple Groups
9781400874538 Riemann Surfaces
9781400881550 Riemann Surfaces Related Topics (AM-97), Volume 97
9781400884216 Riemannian Geometry
9783110905120 Riemannian Geometry
9781400882595 Rigid Local Systems. (AM-139), Volume 139
9783110277920 Ring Interferometry
9783110912166 Rings and Nearrings
9783110250237 Rings and Their Modules
9783110214833 Robust Algebraic Multilevel Methods and Algorithms
9781400867011 Robust Estimates of Location
9781400831050 Robust Optimization
9783110208511 Robust Static Super-Replication of Barrier Options
9783110936001 Robustness in Data Analysis
9783110470574 Rogue Waves
9781400852826 Role of Mathematics in the Rise of Science
9781400863167 Scattering in Quantum Field Theories
9781400881567 Scattering Theory for Automorphic Functions. (AM-87), Volume 87
9783110359428 Scientific Computing
9783110899764 Selecta
9783110935981 Selected Topics in Characteristic Functions
9781400825127 Selectors
9781400825134 Self-Regularity
9781400825103 Selfsimilar Processes
9781400837182 Semiclassical Soliton Ensembles for the Focusing Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation (AM-154)
9783110302066 Semi-Dirichlet Forms and Markov Processes
9783110885583 Semigroups in Algebra, Geometry and Analysis
9783110845563 Semimartingales
9781400882045 Seminar on Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem. (AM-57), Volume 57
9781400881918 Seminar on Differential Geometry. (AM-102), Volume 102
9781400881574 Seminar on Micro-Local Analysis. (AM-93), Volume 93
9781400881437 Seminar On Minimal Submanifolds. (AM-103), Volume 103
9781400881581 Seminar on Singularities of Solutions of Linear Partial Differential Equations. (AM-91), Volume 91
9781400882670 Seminar on Transformation Groups. (AM-46), Volume 46
9781400864195 Shafarevich Maps and Automorphic Forms
9781400882403 Simple Algebras, Base Change, and the Advanced Theory of the Trace Formula. (AM-120), Volume 120
9783110282245 Simulation of Flow in Porous Media
9781400883882 Singular Integrals and Differentiability Properties of Functions (PMS-30), Volume 30
9781400881819 Singular Points of Complex Hypersurfaces. (AM-61), Volume 61
9783110332247 Singular Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic and Parabolic Equations
9783110262551 Singular Traces
9781400843039 Slicing Pizzas, Racing Turtles, and Further Adventures in Applied Mathematics
9783110258998 Smooth Analysis in Banach Spaces
9781400881680 Smoothings of Piecewise Linear Manifolds. (AM-80), Volume 80
9783110812411 Sobolev Spaces of Fractional Order, Nemytskij Operators, and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
9783110293562 Solution Sets for Differential Equations and Inclusions
9781400842711 Some Problems of Unlikely Intersections in Arithmetic and Geometry (AM-181)
9783110853995 Spaces of Measures
9783110258417 Spaces of Dynamical Systems
9781400847587 Spaces of PL Manifolds and Categories of Simple Maps (AM-186)
9781400846528 Spaces of PL Manifolds and Categories of Simple Maps (AM-186)
9783110935035 Spatial-Energy Principles of the Processes for Complex Structure Formation
9783110315332 Spherical and Plane Integral Operators for PDEs
9781400837199 Spherical CR Geometry and Dehn Surgery (AM-165)
9783110926026 Spherical Means for PDEs
9781400883912 Spin Geometry (PMS-38), Volume 38
9783110221824 Stability Analysis of Impulsive Functional Differential Equations
9781400842667 Stability and Control of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems
9781400833351 Stability and Stabilization
9781400875818 Stability in Nonlinear Control Systems
9783110218138 State Observers for Linear Systems with Uncertainty
9781400881604 Stationary Processes and Prediction Theory. (AM-44), Volume 44
9781400868575 Stationary Stochastic Processes. (MN-8)
9783110270372 Statistical Physics
9783110883596 Statistical Sciences
9783110378078 Stochastic Calculus of Variations
9783110282009 Stochastic Calculus of Variations for Jump Processes
9783110213201 Stochastic Dynamics and Boltzmann Hierarchy
9783110307108 Stochastic Ferromagnetism
9783110218053 Stochastic Finance
9783110212075 Stochastic Finance
9783110463453 Stochastic Finance
9783110479454 Stochastic Methods for Boundary Value Problems
9783110258165 Stochastic Models for Fractional Calculus
9783110936032 Stochastic Models of Structural Plasma Turbulence
9783110493887 Stochastic PDEs and Dynamics
9783110293609 Stochastics
9783110206760 Stochastics
9781400841240 Strange Curves, Counting Rabbits, & Other Mathematical Explorations
9783110252569 Strip-Method for Image and Signal Transformation
9781400881833 Strong Rigidity of Locally Symmetric Spaces. (AM-78), Volume 78
9781400885862 Structural and Statistical Problems for a Class of Stochastic Processes
9783110411508 Structure Theorems of Unit Groups
9783110197945 Structure Theory
9783110515442 Structure Theory
9783110868647 Subgroup Lattices of Groups
9781400822539 Supermodularity and Complementarity
9781400882328 Surface Area. (AM-35), Volume 35
9781400865192 Surveys on Surgery Theory (AM-145), Volume 1
9781400865215 Surveys on Surgery Theory (AM-149), Volume 2
9781400840564 Symmetric Markov Processes, Time Change, and Boundary Theory (LMS-35)
9783110267648 Symmetry of Intramolecular Quantum Dynamics
9781400881406 Symposium on Infinite Dimensional Topology. (AM-69), Volume 69
9781400837052 Szegő's Theorem and Its Descendants
9781400850525 Taming the Unknown
9781400882533 Temperley-Lieb Recoupling Theory and Invariants of 3-Manifolds (AM-134), Volume 134
9781400879236 Tensor Analysis
9783110379501 Tensors and Riemannian Geometry
9781400882687 The Action Principle and Partial Differential Equations. (AM-146), Volume 146
9783110871746 The Adjunction Theory of Complex Projective Varieties
9781400882496 The Admissible Dual of GL(N) via Compact Open Subgroups. (AM-129), Volume 129
9781400840588 The Ambient Metric (AM-178)
9783110856040 The Analytical and Topological Theory of Semigroups
9783110886153 The Arithmetic of Function Fields
9783110213171 The Axiom of Determinacy, Forcing Axioms, and the Nonstationary Ideal
9783110804737 The Axiom of Determinacy, Forcing Axioms, and the Nonstationary Ideal
9781400839544 The Best Writing on Mathematics 2011
9781400844678 The Best Writing on Mathematics 2012
9781400826186 The Birth of Model Theory
9781400881932 The Calculi of Lambda Conversion. (AM-6), Volume 6
9781400866793 The Calculus Gallery
9781400830886 The Calculus of Friendship
9781400883905 The Classical Groups
9783110315356 The d-bar Neumann Problem and Schrödinger Operators
9781400842728 The Decomposition of Global Conformal Invariants (AM-182)
9783110200065 The Determinacy of Long Games
9783110263299 The Dirac Equation and its Solutions
9781400829415 The Econometrics of Individual Risk
9783110342031 The Elementary Theory of Groups
9781400881901 The Equidistribution Theory of Holomorphic Curves. (AM-64), Volume 64
9781400831067 The Ergodic Theory of Lattice Subgroups (AM-172)
9781400884087 The Essential John Nash
9781400842742 The Everett Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
9781400837205 The Geometry and Cohomology of Some Simple Shimura Varieties. (AM-151), Volume 151
9781400859306 The Geometry and Dynamics of Magnetic Monopoles
9781400845941 The Geometry and Topology of Coxeter Groups. (LMS-32)
9781400863174 The Global Nonlinear Stability of the Minkowski Space (PMS-41)
9781400845644 The Gross-Zagier Formula on Shimura Curves
9783110484380 The Hodge-Laplacian
9781400829064 The Hypoelliptic Laplacian and Ray-Singer Metrics. (AM-167)
9781400863440 The Implementation of Prolog
9781400841707 The Irrationals
9783110879643 The Link Invariants of the Chern-Simons Field Theory
9781400844654 The Logician and the Engineer
9781400868056 The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
9781400830473 The Mathematical Mechanic
9781400881338 The Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects
9781400851874 The Meaning of Relativity
9783110311297 The Method of the Generalised Eikonal
9783110801897 The Monster and Lie Algebras
9781400867431 The Motion of a Surface by Its Mean Curvature. (MN-20)
9781400881529 The Neumann Problem for the Cauchy-Riemann Complex. (AM-75), Volume 75
9781400874552 The Neutrino. (IP-5)
9781400881239 The p-adic Simpson Correspondence (AM-193)
9781400845590 The Physics of Neutrinos
9781400851607 The Practice of Data Analysis
9781400874477 The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics
9781400830398 The Princeton Companion to Mathematics
9781400865185 The Real Fatou Conjecture. (AM-144), Volume 144
9783110198102 The Reidemeister Torsion of 3-Manifolds
9783110901733 The Restricted 3-Body Problem: Plane Periodic Orbits
9783110886146 The Riemann Zeta-Function
9783110539264 The Robust Multigrid Technique
9781400824045 The Search for Mathematical Roots, 1870-1940
9781400865161 The Seiberg-Witten Equations and Applications to the Topology of Smooth Four-Manifolds. (MN-44), Volume 44
9783110870299 The Space of Mathematics
9781400881444 The Spectral Theory of Toeplitz Operators. (AM-99), Volume 99
9783110846720 The Stefan Problem
9781400841356 The Structure and Dynamics of Networks
9781400829057 The Structure of Affine Buildings. (AM-168)
9783110296792 The Structure of Compact Groups
9783110199772 The Structure of Compact Groups
9781400883875 The Topology of Fibre Bundles. (PMS-14), Volume 14
9781400841103 The Traveling Salesman Problem
9781400882366 The Two-Valued Iterative Systems of Mathematical Logic. (AM-5), Volume 5
9781400841684 The Universe in Zero Words
9781400841516 The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars
9783110226157 Theoretical Foundations and Numerical Methods for Sparse Recovery
9781400862849 Theory of CMOS Digital Circuits and Circuit Failures
9783110250633 Theory of Interacting Quantum Fields
9781400875375 Theory of Laminar Flows. (HSA-4), Volume 4
9781400883851 Theory of Lie Groups (PMS-8), Volume 8
9783110944822 Theory of Linear Ill-Posed Problems and its Applications
9783110208245 Theory of Uniform Approximation of Functions by Polynomials
9781400826971 Thermodynamics
9783110200072 Three Courses on Partial Differential Equations
9781400848751 Three Views of Logic
9781400865321 Three-Dimensional Geometry and Topology, Volume 1
9781400881925 Three-Dimensional Link Theory and Invariants of Plane Curve Singularities. (AM-110), Volume 110
9783110917833 Time Series, Fuzzy Analysis and Miscellaneous Topics
9781400869268 Topics in Algebraic and Analytic Geometry. (MN-13), Volume 13: Notes From a Course of Phillip Griffiths
9781400872596 Topics in Dynamics
9781400887255 Topics in Ergodic Theory (PMS-44), Volume 44
9781400881871 Topics in Harmonic Analysis Related to the Littlewood-Paley Theory. (AM-63), Volume 63
9781400884056 Topics in Mathematical Modeling
9781400862511 Topics in Non-Commutative Geometry
9781400852741 Topics in Quaternion Linear Algebra
9781400882335 Topics in Topology. (AM-10), Volume 10
9781400881659 Topics in Transcendental Algebraic Geometry. (AM-106), Volume 106
9781400879335 Topological Analysis
9783110277333 Topological Analysis
9783110208283 Topological Approximation Methods for Evolutionary Problems of Nonlinear Hydrodynamics
9783110342406 Topological Dynamical Systems
9781400882342 Topological Methods in the Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable. (AM-15), Volume 15
9783110430417 Topological Optimization and Optimal Transport
9783110479492 Topological Theory of Graphs
9783110857726 Topology '90
9781400861064 Topology of 4-Manifolds (PMS-39), Volume 39
9783110258424 Topology of Algebraic Curves
9781400882076 Topology Seminar Wisconsin, 1965. (AM-60), Volume 60
9781400839018 Totally Nonnegative Matrices
9781400846740 Towing Icebergs, Falling Dominoes, and Other Adventures in Applied Mathematics
9783110889055 Transcendental Numbers
9781400882359 Transcendental Numbers. (AM-16)
9783110858372 Transformation Groups
9781400837212 Triangulated Categories. (AM-148), Volume 148
9781400846757 Trigonometric Delights
9783110197983 Trigonometric Sums in Number Theory and Analysis
9781400821617 Trust in Numbers
9781400824885 Twisted L-Functions and Monodromy. (AM-150), Volume 150
9781400871346 Two Applications of Logic to Mathematics
9783110213225 Ultrafilters and Topologies on Groups
9783110317930 Uniform Distribution and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods
9783110920321 Uniqueness Problems for Degenerating Equations and Nonclassical Problems
9783110920314 Uniqueness Questions in Reconstruction of Multidimensional Objects from Tomography-Type Projection Data
9783110874235 Unitary Representation Theory of Exponential Lie Groups
9781400882380 Unitary Representations of Reductive Lie Groups. (AM-118), Volume 118
9781400826155 Unsolved Problems in Mathematical Systems and Control Theory
9781400867080 Values of Non-Atomic Games
9783110494273 Vanishing Viscosity Method
9783110430394 Variational Methods
9783110809374 Variational Methods for Potential Operator Equations
9783110943245 Volterra Equations and Inverse Problems
9783110481884 Wavelet Analysis on the Sphere
9783110476316 Weak Convergence of Stochastic Processes
9783110195309 Well-posed, Ill-posed, and Intermediate Problems with Applications
9783110258790 Wetting of Real Surfaces
9781400838998 Weyl Group Multiple Dirichlet Series
9781400841363 When Least Is Best
9781400841721 Why Cats Land on Their Feet
9781400848379 Will You Be Alive 10 Years from Now?
9783110309218 Wilson Lines in Quantum Field Theory
9783110883237 World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts '92
9781400841691 X and the City
9783110280517 Young Measures and Compactness in Measure Spaces
9783110889260 Zero-Dimensional Schemes