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Welcome to our page for librarians. Here you can find information on our products, special offers, services, and marketing materials.

Guides, video tutorials, and product presentations for databases and online reference works

Have you recently purchased institutional access to a database or online reference work or are you testing one and want to assess the usage stats? Then direct users to our guides and video tutorials. These are designed to facilitate research and help users find their way around our databases.

You can find all guides, video tutorials, and product presentations arranged by database here.

Download covers and logos

You can download book covers or the De Gruyter logo directly from our website.

  • De Gruyter Logo: You can find our logos here.
  • Book covers: Access the product page of the title and download the cover in the section "Downloads + Services".

Library sciences – resources to help librarians in their daily work

Information on additional titles can be found here.

Discovery Services

Global searches

De Gruyter‘s Discovery Services allow users to go beyond their library’s holdings and research academic literature published around the world.

Our services include the metadata and full texts of a vast array of electronic publications along with package information for journals, books, and EBAs. Full-text indexing enables targeted searches. Once acquired, packages enter your institution’s catalog and become immediately available to users.

In addition to its most popular services –

– De Gruyter works with a number of specialized discovery systems common in regions such as South-East Asia and Eastern Europe.


Download our VPAT Documentation here.