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Open Access Contacts

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Dr. Aleksandra Nowacka-Leverton
Director Open Access Processes
e-mail: aleksandra.nowacka-leverton [ at ] degruyter.com

Dr. Damian Drzyzga
Data and Reporting Specialist
e-mail: damian.drzyzga [at] degruyter.com

Dr. Ewa Dzik
Publishing Specialist
e-mail: ewa.dzik [at] degruyter.com


Life Science & Medicine

Dr. Irmina Fortunato
Managing Editor, Life Sciences
Editorial Coordinator, Life Sciences and Medicine

e-mail: irmina.grzegorek [ at ] degruyter.com

Dr. Magdalena Wierzchowiecka
Managing Editor, Medicine

e-mail: magdalena.wierzchowiecka [ at ] degruyter.com

Dr. Mariusz Pawlowski
Managing Editor, Translational Neuroscience
e-mail: mariusz.pawlowski [ at ] degruyter.com  

Dr. Jędrzej Daszkiewicz
Managing Editor, Life Sciences
e-mail: jedrzej.daszkiewicz [ at ] degruyter.com

Adrian Mermer
Editorial Assistant, Chemistry

e-mail: adrian.mermer [at] degruyter.com

Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Engineering

Dr. Agnieszka Bednarczyk-Drąg
Managing Editor, Mathematics
Editorial Coordinator, Physical Sciences and Engineering

e-mail: agnieszka.bednarczyk-drag [ at ] degruyter.com

Dr. Paulina Leśna-Szreter
Managing Editor, Physics
e-mail:  paulina.lesna-szreter [ at ] degruyter.com

Ewa Chmielewska
Managing Editor, Astronomy and Material Sciences
e-mail: ewa.chmielewska[ at ] degruyter.com

Natalia Pierunek
Managing Editor, Engineering
e-mail: Natalia.Pierunek [ at ] degruyter.com

Dr. Justyna Żuk
Managing Editor, Computer Science

Managing Editor, Demonstratio Mathematica, Paladyn
e-mail: justyna.zuk [ at ] degruyter.com

Dr. Juliusz Skoryna
Managing Editor, Physical Science
e-mail: juliusz.skoryna [ at ] degruyter.com

Ewa Piechota
Editorial Assistant, Mathematics
e-mail: Ewa.Piechota [ at ] degruyter.comAgriculture & Chemistry

Dr. Agnieszka Topolska
Managing Editor, Agriculture, Forestry
Managing Editor, Chemistry

e-mail: agnieszka.topolska [ at ] degruyter.com

Dr. Katarzyna Chybczyńska
Editorial Assistant, Math and Phis. Science

e-mail: katarzyna.chybaczynska [at] degruyter.com

Natalia Michalak
Editorial Assistant, Math and Phis. Science

e-mail: natalia.michalak [at] degruyter.com

Łukasz Lindner
Editorial Assistant, Math and Phis. Science

e-mail: lukasz.lindner [at] degruyter.com


Dr. Jan Barabach
Managing Editor, Geosciences

e-mail: jan.barabach [ at ] degruyter.com

Dr. Krzysztof Dębniak
Managing Editor, Geosciences

e-mail: krzysztof.debniak [at] degruyter.com

Humanities & Social Sciences

Katarzyna Inga Michalak
Managing Editor, History, Archaeology

e-mail: katarzyna.michalak [ at ] degruyter.com

Dr. Katarzyna Tempczyk
Managing Editor, Theology, Religious Studies

e-mail: katarzyna.tempczyk [ at ] degruyter.com

Dr. Katarzyna Grzegorek
Managing Editor, Language, Literature
Managing Editor, Library and Information Science

e-mail: katarzyna.grzegorek [ at ] degruyter.com

Konrad Sarzyński
Managing Editor, Economics and Management
Managing Editor, Psychology
e-mail: konrad.sarzynski [ at ] degruyter.com

Dr. Tomasz Grala
Managing Editor, Political Sciences
e-mail: tomasz.grala [ at ] degruyter.com

Łukasz Gworek
Editorial Assistant, Humanities
e-mail: lukasz.gworek [ at ] degruyter.com

Beata Socha
Editorial Coordinator, Social Sciences
e-mail: beata.socha [at] degruyter.com