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Jacek Ciesielski
General Manager/Vice President Open Access De Gruyter

e-mail: gm [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Dr. Aleksandra Nowacka-Leverton
Publishing Coordinator

e-mail: aleksandra.nowackaleverton [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Paweł Osipowski
Publishing Assistant

e-mail: pawel.osipowski [ at ] degruyteropen.com


Dr. Katarzyna Michalczyk
Managing Editor, Life Sciences
e-mail: katarzyna.michalczyk [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Dr. Agnieszka Bednarczyk-Drąg
Managing Editor, Mathematics

e-mail: agnieszka.bednarczyk-drag [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Irmina Grzegorek
Managing Editor, Engineering
Managing Editor, Computer Science

e-mail: irmina.grzegorek [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Dr. Magdalena Wierzchowiecka
Managing Editor, Medicine

e-mail: magdalena.wierzchowiecka [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Dr. Paulina Leśna-Szreter
Managing Editor, Physics
e-mail:  paulina.lesna [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Katarzyna Inga Michalak
Managing Editor, History, Archaeology 

e-mail: katarzyna.michalak [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Dr. Katarzyna Tempczyk
Managing Editor, Theology, Religious Studies

e-mail: katarzyna.tempczyk [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Katarzyna Grzegorek
Managing Editor, Language, Literature

e-mail: katarzyna.grzegorek [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Jan Barabach
Managing Editor, Geosciences

e-mail: jan.barabach [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Dr. Agnieszka Topolska
Managing Editor, Agriculture, Forestry

e-mail: agnieszka.topolska [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Dr. Bożena Bittner-Wróbel
Managing Editor, Chemistry
e-mail: bozena.bittnerwrobel [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Łukasz Gworek
Managing Editor, Library and Information Science
e-mail: lukasz.gworek [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Dr. Izabella Penier
Managing Editor, Culture
e-mail: izabella.penier [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Beata Socha
Managing Editor, Economics and Management
e-mail: beata.socha [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Dr. Katarzyna Nowińska
Editorial Assistant, Life Sciences
e-mail: katarzyna.nowinska [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Karolina Hejbudzka
Editorial Assistant, Physical Sciences
e-mail: katarzyna.hejbudzka [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Ewa Chmielewska
Editorial Assistant, Engineering and Computer Science
e-mail: ewa.chmielewska[ at ] degruyteropen.com


Maria Hrynkiewicz
Marketing Manager, Open Access

e-mail: maria.hrynkiewicz [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Julia Ivanova
Marketing Manager Societies, Open Access

e-mail: julia.ivanova [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Bartosz Celmer
Marketing Assistant, Open Access Campaigns
e-mail: bartosz.celmer [at] degruyteropen.com  


Tomasz Konior
Production Manager
, Open Access
e-mail: tomasz.konior [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Sławomir Dymczyk
Production Editor, Open Access 

e-mail: slawomir.dymczyk [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Natalia Misztal
Production Executive, Open Access 

e-mail: natalia.misztal [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Ewa Żurawska-Seta
Production Editor, Open Access

e-mail: ewa.zurawskaseta [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Sabina Binek
Production Specialist, Open Access

e-mail: sabina.binek [ at ] degruyteropen.com


Marek Piasecki
Database Manager

e-mail: marek.piasecki [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Natalia Białka
Database Coordinator

e-mail: natalia.bialka [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Magdalena Idzik
Database Coordinator

e-mail: magdalena.idzik [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Magdalena Zemler
Database Coordinator

e-mail: magdalena.zemler [ at ] degruyteropen.com


Krystian Stefański
Coordinator, Western Europe and Global Markets
Content Acquisition Manager, Poland, the Baltic States and Turkey

e-mail: krystian.stefanski [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Martin Velický
Coordinator, Southern Europe
Content Acquisition Manager, Central and Eastern Europe

e-mail: martin.velicky [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Magdalena Mikołajczak
Account Manager

e-mail: magdalena.mikolajczak [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Leyla Dörflinger
Content Acquisition Manager, German and French speaking countries

e-mail: leyla.doerflinger [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Khrystie Le Roux
Content Acquisition Manager, Northern Europe

e-mail: khrystie.leroux [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Alexandru Barbu
Content Acquisition Manager, Romania and the Balkans

e-mail: alexandru.barbu [ at ] degruyteropen.com

George Durbǎlǎu
Content Acquisition Manager, Southern Europe

e-mail: george.durbalau [ at ] degruyteropen.com

Xin Wang
Content Acquisition Manager, Chinese speaking countries
e-mail: xin.wang [ at ] degruyteropen.com


Katarzyna Zasada
Administration Manager, Open Access

e-mail: katarzyna.zasada [ at ] degruyteropen.com 

Dagmara Król
Administrative Assistant, Open Access

e-mail: dagmara.krol [ at ] degruyteropen.com