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At De Gruyter, we have ensured that you will never have to worry about “out-of-print” titles again! With our e-dition service, if you find a book that is not yet available as an eBook, we will digitize an archive copy of the title just for you.
Our e-dition service features:

  • Over 50,000 books
  • Titles available as eBooks or as hardcover reprints (nished uniformly with a green cover reminiscent of the historic Göschen cover)
  • A delivery period of, at maximum, 12 weeks
  • All eBooks searchable in full text and provided with DOIs and MARC records
  • Archive titles of our Publisher Partners Harvard University Press and Böhlau

With the De Gruyter e-dition 260 years of academic knowledge are right at your fingertips.


  • NEW We offer now exclusively about 2,800 formerly out of print titles from Harvard University Press.
  • NEW As of summer 2014 we additionally offer over 7,500 backlist titles from Böhlau Verlag.


"With eBooks on Demand, De Gruyter launches an initiative that can only be beneficial for science in Germany. De Gruyter demonstrates how a long publishing tradition with an impressive scientific record can be made accessible – feasibly and economically – for the modern world of scientific work. Many a scientist’s heart will beat faster.”
Dr. Ralf Schimmer, Max Planck Digital Library

"One cannot overestimate the scholarly and cultural legacy of the works published by De Gruyter (and by De Gruyter’s predecessors), which is why I am delighted by the project. Libraries will certainly utilize De Gruyter’s option to make digitized content from its backlist available via licensing according to local demand."
Werner Reinhardt, Siegen University Library

"I welcome De Gruyter’s plan to digitize its backlist. 'eBooks on demand' is a truly valuable option to make single titles available on campus at a later date. This meets the needs of an evolving focus in scientific research."
Dr. Rolf Thiele, Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln

"By offering its entire backlist as eBook (or print on demand), De Gruyter has taken a giant step forward and can serve as a model for other publishing houses. Of special interest to libraries are the customized packages and the "best of" packages compiled by individual scholars, which will help libraries close the gaps in their collections."

Werner Stephan, Universitätsbibliothek Stuttgart


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