We have been collaborating with internationally renowned publisher DETAIL since 2013. DETAIL’s titles provide a superb complement to our Birkhäuser list in architecture and construction. We are the global distributor for DETAIL’s ebooks and also distribute the print titles outside Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Today’s Detail Business Information GmbH was originally founded as the “Institut für internationale Architektur-Dokumentation” (Institute for Architectural Documentation) in Munich in 1961. It publishes high-quality and wide-ranging specialist content on architecture and structural engineering.

Alongside DETAIL magazine, the organization publishes an outstanding list of specialist books, ranging from the DETAIL atlases to inspiring typology titles and works for architectural practitioners. These are accompanied by the DETAIL Green Books on sustainable architecture, best-of titles containing highlights from DETAIL magazine, and individual works on practical and contemporary topics.

Some of DETAIL’s best-known authors include Werner Sobek, Manfred Hegger, Thomas Herzog, José Moro, Hermann Kaufmann, and Martin Rauch.