FAQ and Platform Update

In the following you can find an update on the current status of the degruyter.com platform, and the most frequently asked questions for Individual users, Authors, Library or Trade customers, Lecturers or Reviewers.

If degruyter.com platform update or our FAQ do not answer your question please feel free to contact us via our customer service contact form. We are happy to assist you.

Degruyter.com Update (May 25, 2020)

We apologise for the ongoing issues experienced by users since our new platform went live. Good progress has been made in remediating these, and we expect significant further improvements over the coming days. Please find below an update on the most commonly reported problems. If you experience an issue that is not mentioned below, please contact Customer Service at service@degruyter.com.

  • Missing/Faulty content on degruyter.com - Technical problems have prevented us from loading missing content to the site as quickly as we would have liked. A fix is now being implemented that should enable us to more quickly upload the remaining missing journal and book content to the platform and we expect to see significant progress on this issue within the next week.
  • Access to content - A process to resolve gaps in access to content has been running over the past weeks. As a result, the majority of these cases have been resolved. As we load missing content it is possible that a small number of further access issues may emerge. These will be resolved as quickly as possible on an ongoing basis. If you experience gaps in access to content you have licensed, please contact Customer Service at service@degruyter.com
  • Use of the “licensed access” filter for searching - Users at institutions that have access to very large amounts of content may be unable to use the “View Licensed Access” functionality on degruyter.com. Work to remediate this issue is ongoing, and we expect it to take a number of weeks to resolve finally.
  • Missing DOIs - Work to update all DOIs for new content URLs is underway and progressing well. We expect to have a final fix in place for this issue within the next week.
  • Webshop - We have an issue on the webshop that we are aware of. Upon a user ordering articles from specific journals, an error message appears on the address page that the product could not be identified. Unfortunately the solution of this problem requires a major change in the platform software, which cannot be done before July. In the meantime, users that are affected with this error message should send their order via mail to orders@degruyter.com and it will be fulfilled as soon as possible.
  • Shibboleth access to database products - This issue, where an authenticated user on degruyter.com who attempts to access an asset on db.degruyter.com is required to re-authenticate in order to gain access, creating an undesirable user experience, will require some time to fix. For the meantime, we will set up a message for the user when they attempt this, to mitigate the problem and present an alert to users that they may be required to re-authenticate. This should be in place at the end of next week.


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Access to content

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Questions regarding my account, my personal settings and my alert subscriptions

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