Open Access for Institutions


De Gruyter actively seeks partnerships with institutions across the globe as part of our mission to make open access publishing easier for authors and more accessible to all. We need your help to achieve this mission: if your home institution doesn’t currently

have an agreement with us, join fellow librarians worldwide by becoming an advocate of the De Gruyter Institutional Membership Agreement and help affiliated authors within your institution publish open access articles.

Institutional Membership Program

Our Institutional Membership Agreement is free to join and puts you, our partner librarians, in control of open access spending. Furthermore, and through the introduction of a simplified payment system, it frees your affiliated authors from article processing charges (APCs), thus removing some of the barriers to publication and a wider adoption of open access publishing.

Budgetary control and transparency
Reduced costs
Improved visibility
Enhanced reputation of your institution
De Gruyter as a trusted service provider

In order to encourage institutions to take part in the Program, we have made joining as simple and straightforward as possible. The only requirements for institutional members are that on becoming a member, you:

  1. Choose an invoicing option that works best for you, from a number of flexible options
  2. Agree on an invoicing process with De Gruyter
  3. Actively promote open access publishing with De Gruyter at your institution

Discover De Gruyter’s Institutional Membership Program here.

Institutional Membership Discount Structure

Being a member of the De Gruyter Institutional Membership Program entitles an institution to reduced publication fees for all open access journal articles that are published with us. The level of discount varies according to the invoicing option that is chosen.

Invoicing options for institutional members

Institutional members can choose from the following options:

Central payment

Standard publication fees

The following publication fees are applicable to non-members (excluding any waivers or other discounts).

Publication type

Publication fees

Open Access article in pure Open Access journal

500 – 1,950 EUR

depending on journal (for more information see:

OA publication fees per journal)


Open Access article in hybrid Open Access journal

2,000 EUR

irrespective of subject area


Reduced publication fees for institutional members

Institutional members can receive the following discounts on standard publication fees, depending on their invoicing option:

Discounts structure

Invoicing option Stand-Alone IM Consortia IM
Prepaid 20% 25%
Central payment 15% 20%
Post-paid 15% 20%
Supporter 10% 15%

For Authors - How to apply OA discounts to your article


For more information, or to discuss how to become an institutional member, contact the Institutional Membership team: