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Lucius & Lucius

We are pleased to welcome the programme of Lucius & Lucius publishing house to De Gruyter Oldenbourg. From January 1, 2016 onwards, its book and journal publications will be published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg.

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Best of Lucius & Lucius

We are happy to announce that all books from the Lucius & Lucius archives will soon be available as e-dition titles. The most sold titles are currently beeing digitized and will be available as a Best of Package in autumn 2016:

  • 40 years of publishing
  • 170 titles
  • 4,900 Euros

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  1. How will Lucius & Lucius be integrated into De Gruyter?
    In future, all its publications will be published with the De Gruyter Oldenbourg imprint. Onyl the journal Feministische Studien will be published under the imprint De Gruyter.
  2. Will contracts with Lucius und Lucius retain their validity?
    Yes, they will remain valid unless they are re-negotiated by the contractual parties.
  3. Will De Gruyter fulfill all the terms of these contracts? And if yes, for how long?
    De Gruyter has assumed all the contractual obligations of the Lucius & Lucius publishing house and these will remain valid unless they are re-negotiated by the contractual parties.
  4. Will there be changes in the invoicing and distribution?
    The current distribution partner Brockhaus will continue the invoicing and distribution process until the end of June 2016. As of July 1, 2016 De Gruyter will take over all processes. Of course we will continue informing you about all relevant changes.
  5. Will the terms and conditions change?
    In 2016 notice periods will remain as before. From 2017, the terms and conditions that apply at De Gruyter will be fully applied.


  1. Will all journals be continued?
    Journals announced for 2016 will be continued. As determinated by Lucius & Lucius the journals Erwägen, Wissen, Ethik, as well as Sozialwissenschaften und Berufspraxis have ceased publication by the end of 2015. The journal Orientierungen zur Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftspolitik will not be published by De Gruyter.
  2. Will titles still be available in print and online?
  3. Will there be any change to the prices?
    The prices for 2016 will remain as announced. 2017 pricing will be announced in July 2016.
  4. How can I renew my subcriptions?
    The renewal process 2016 will be organized via Brockhaus like in previous years. If you should have any questions please contact them directly.
  5. As an institutional print customer, will I continue to have free online access?
    In 2016, you will continue to have access to the online edition of your print subscription. This bundle will be available at the price announced by Lucius & Lucius. From 2017 onwards, you can choose one of three subscription options: Print Only, Online Only, Print + Online.
  6. How can I get access to the online content?
    The online access will be managed by Brockhaus/Commission until June 30. If you have any question please refer to lucius [at] brocom.de. As of July first, online access will be transferred to degruyter.com. We will inform you in advance if you need to take any action.

  7. Who is the contact person for authors?
    The contact persons for individual journals will not change. In addition, the staff of the Editorial Department for Business and Economics will be available as contact persons for you.


  1. Will all planned books be published?
    Yes, books that have already been planned will be published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg as of 2016.
  2. Will all book series be continued?
  3. Will there be delays in publication?
  4. Where can I order books?
    You can order books via your retail partner or directly via Brockhaus.
  5. Will my standing orders for book series be delivered?
    Yes. Brockhaus will continue to fulfill all standing orders. By July 2016 De Gruyter will take over the distribution.


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