Publish your Open Access Content

How do I make my article open access?

The majority of our journals are available as open access. Therefore, as soon as your article has been accepted by the relevant publishing division at De Gruyter, you can purchase open access for it.

There are six easy steps to open access:

1. Article Search
2. Contact
3. Verify
4. Order
5. Payment
6. Download

Visit and find the journal or collection that your article has been accepted for publication in or the journal or collection that your article is currently in-press with.

How do I make my book open access?

We offer open access options for a variety of book types. We recommend you speak about the terms and conditions of publishing your book OA with your responsible editor.

  • Your book has to be accepted into our program by either an editor at De Gruyter or a series editor. See our list of departments to find your editorial office.
  • Contact your editor about publishing your book open access. They will guide you through our services, the publication plan and our options and fees for OA publishing.
  • If your OA books is already fully funded, we will make sure to comply with your funder’s requirements. If not, we are happy to help you seek funding.
  • The Open Access component and fee will of course be part of your author’s contract. That will include a CC license (typically either CC BY 4.0 or CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
  • We will publish your book both in print and in an electronic version (PDF and EPUB) and it will undergo the same editorial process as traditional titles. Find more information about publishing a book with DG here.
  • Your book will be open access on upon publication. It will also be featured in the DOAB, OAPEN and other dedicated OA platforms. You will be free to download and share your book on your website and your university repository.
  • After the book has been published, the OA fee will be settled directly with your funding body.