De Gruyter takes a further step to ward off plagiarism

And introduces Crosscheck to all customers.

As a leading open access publishing services provider, De Gruyter is committed to maintaining the quality of publications by its Learned Societies clients. In pursuing its policy of meticulous peer-review, De Gruyter takes further steps to assist Learned Societies with robust tools to assure the authenticity of the contents of deposited articles.

To that end, and to promote procedures of modern evaluation among the academic Society and University clients, De Gruyter is introducing Crosscheck Plagiarism Screening to the entire portfolio of its third-party-owned journals.

Crosscheck is an initiative between iThenticate and CrossRef®, a not-for-profit membership association of publishers, established to help publishers prevent professional plagiarism and other forms of scholarly misconduct. With thousands of journals sharing published works with the iThenticate database, the CrossCheck service offers publishers a way to compare documents against the largest comparison database of scientific, technical and medical content in the world.

In the first instance, it is the editors of individual journals who handle the submission process. Nevertheless, as a leading advocate and frontrunner of best publishing practices, De Gruyter stands by its duty to detect and act upon any signs of scientific misconduct, and also to prevent any duplication of research to appear on its platform. De Gruyter considers this to be an important measure in upholding the integrity of the rising volumes of its scientific contents.

“We are extremely proud of the trust that our customers place in us” says Aleksandra Nowacka-Leverton, Director, Open Access Processes at De Gruyter, “and we do not take it for granted. We understand that dissemination of knowledge requires human resources, know-how and increasingly savvy techniques. To guarantee the originality of research, it is becoming critical to support our partners with additional editorial tools that will eliminate plagiarism. As a result, the decision has been made to provide Crosscheck free of charge to all De Gruyter customers”.