Publisher Partner Program


Partnerships are central to everything we do at De Gruyter. We are equal partners in the work of the scholarly community and have forged partnerships with other 200 scientific communities and academics, as well as individual scholars. In addition, De Gruyter actively seeks strategic partnerships with

renowned publishing companies worldwide to help further broaden the dissemination of knowledge and promote discovery.

Since launching our Publisher Partner Program in 2012 with Harvard University Press, we have continued to expand the program globally and now have over 20 partners.

What are the benefits of the Publisher Partner Program?

Increased reach
  • All eBooks and journals are integrated into and are accessible wherever there is Internet
  • All books and journals are fully integrated into De Gruyter’s business models and sold globally, i.e. in eBook packages, pick and choose offers and EBA (for selected partners)
  • Selected content available exclusively through De Gruyter
Improved visibility
  • All eBooks and journals are supplied with DOIs
  • All eBooks are supplied with MARC Records
Reduced barriers to access
  • Unlimited use titles are DRM-free – users can download, print and save eBooks for their own use
  • No recurring access fees for purchased eBooks and journals, as established in De Gruyter’s content ownership model
De Gruyter as a trusted service provider
  • Customer support and expertise provided by our dedicated in-house team
  • Retro-digitization services – making previously out-of-print content available


If you have any questions, our Publisher Partner team looks forward to helping you.