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In 2016, we began collaborating with the University of Toronto Press to distribute its electronic publications worldwide. These include both new releases and an extensive backlist of over 3,500 ebooks.

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About the University of Toronto Press

Founded in 1901, the University of Toronto Press is Canada’s leading academic publisher and one of the largest university presses in North America. Every year, it publishes around 200 new reference works, textbooks, handbooks, and non-fiction texts.

The press publishes academic research in the humanities, the social sciences, and economics. In Canada, it is known for its particular strengths in history, politics, sociology, indigenous studies, and cultural studies.

At the international level, the press is a market leader in Medieval studies, Renaissance studies, Italian studies, Slavonic studies, literary studies, and book design and printing. Its publications have received numerous prestigious prizes and garnered significant attention in both specialist journals and popular media. Its distinguished authors include Erasmus, John Stuart Mill, Northrop Frye, Benjamin Disraeli, and John Porter.