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Academic Studies Press (ASP) is an independent scholarly and trade publisher based in Brookline, Massachusetts founded in 2007. The press's core publishing program focuses on advancing knowledge and understanding in the humanities and social sciences with an emphasis on Jewish Studies, Slavic Studies, and the cultural and historical intersections of the two disciplines. ASP regularly publishes between 50-60 English-language titles annually with a current catalog of over 550 titles ranging from original monographs, edited collections, course readers, literary companions, and crossover titles. Volumes are generally published under one of ASP's 40+ English-language themed series. The press also publishes actively in both Russian and Ukrainian and maintains a robust open access program, ASP Open.

ASP also distributes titles for Plamen Press, an independent publishing house based in Washington DC that focuses on publishing the most influential writers and poets from Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe in English-language translation.

The Twin Children of the Holocaust Stolen Childhood and the Will to Survive. Photographs from the Twins’ 40th Anniversary Reunion at Auschwitz-Birkenau Nancy L. Segal
The DJ Who “Brought Down” the USSR The Life and Legacy of Seva Novgorodsev Michelle Daniel
"Singing a Different Tune" The Slavic Film Musical in a Transnational Context Helena Goscilo
Immigrant Baggage Morticians, purloined diaries, and other theatrics of exile Maxim D. Shrayer
Dovlatov and Surroundings A Philological Novel Alexander Genis, Alexander Rojavin
Under a Bloodred Sky Avigdor Hameiri’s War Stories and Poetry Avigdor Hameiri, Peter C. Appelbaum, Dan Hecht
Visions of the Future Malthusian Thought Experiments in Russian Literature (1840–1960) Natasha Grigorian
Israel and the Nations The Bible, the Rabbis, and Jewish-Gentile Relations Eugene Korn
Being a Nation State in the Twenty-First Century Between State and Synagogue in Modern Israel Shuki Friedman, Elyaḳim Rubinshṭain
Building Communities A History of the Eruv in America Adam Mintz
Idolatry A Contemporary Jewish Conversation Alon Goshen-Gottstein
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