Founded in 2007, Academic Studies Press (ASP) is an independent scholarly publisher based in Boston, Massachusetts, devoted to advancing knowledge and understanding in the humanities and social sciences. ASP primarily publishes within the fields of Russian and Eastern European studies and Jewish studies, with a growing frontlist in Religious studies and history.

Emerging Heroes WWII-Era Diplomats, Jewish Refugees, and Escape to Japan Akira Kitade, Donna Ratajczak, Kuniko Katz
Barcelona Prose Efim Etkind, Helen Reeve, Joyse Man, Julia Trubikhina, David Bethea
The Rhetorical Rise and Demise of “Democracy” in Russian Political Discourse. Volume 2: The Promise of “Democracy” during the Yeltsin Years David Cratis Williams, Marilyn J. Young, Michael K. Launer
Jews and American Public Life Essays on American Jewish History and Politics David G. Dalin, Jonathan D. Sarna
Ḥiddushim Celebrating Hebrew College’s Centennial Michael Fishbane, Arthur Green, Jonathan D. Sarna
Archive of Jewish History Volume 12 Oleg Budnitskii, The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow
The Doctors of the Warsaw Ghetto Maria Ciesielska, Tali Nates, Jeanette Friedman, Luc Albinski, Michael Berenbaum, Agata Krzychylkiewicz
This Was America, 1865-1965 Unequal Citizens in the Segregated Republic Gerd Korman
Centuries Encircle Me with Fire Selected Poems of Osip Mandelstam. A Bilingual English–Russian Edition Osip Mandelstam, Ian Probstein