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Founded in 1994, Berghahn Books is a leading independent publisher of scholarly books and journals in the humanities and social sciences. Its program, which includes over 125 new book titles a year, focuses on Anthropology & Archaeology; European History; Environmental Studies; Film Studies; Gender Studies; Refugee and Migration Studies. A peer-review press, Berghahn is committed to the highest academic standards and seeks to enable innovative contributions to the scholarship in its fields of specialty.

Romani Chronicles of COVID-19 Testimonies of Harm and Resilience Paloma Gay y Blasco, Martin Fotta
Between the Forest and the Road The Waorani Struggle for Living Well in the Ecuadorian Oil Circuit Andrea Bravo Díaz
Urban Natures Living the More-than-Human City Ferne Edwards, Lucia Alexandra Popartan, Ida Nilstad Pettersen
Mary Douglas Paul Richards, Perri 6
An Anthropology of Disappearance Politics, Intimacies and Alternative Ways of Knowing Laura Huttunen, Gerhild Perl
Love, Loyalty and Deceit Rosemary Firth, a Life in the Shadow of Two Eminent Men Hugh Firth, Loulou Brown
Visions of Humanity Historical Cultural Practices since 1850 Sönke Kunkel, Jessica C.E. Gienow-Hecht, Sebastian Jobs
Madness, Bureaucracy and Gender in Mumbai, India Narratives from a Psychiatric Hospital Annika Strauss
Inside Party Headquarters Organizational Culture and Practice of Rule in the Socialist Unity Party of Germany Rüdiger Bergien
That Sinking Feeling On the Emotional Experience of Inferiority in Germany's Neoliberal Education System Stefan Wellgraf
The Feeling of the Fall An Ethnographic Writing Experiment between the Belize Barrier Reef and the Edges of Toronto, Ontario Ines Taccone
Broken Glass, Broken Class Transformations of Work in Bulgaria Dimitra Kofti
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