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Launched in 2016, Bristol University Press, home of the award-winning imprint Policy Press, is a leading not-for-profit publisher in the Social Sciences with an agenda to publish world-class research that addresses the global social challenges. BUP publishes 300 books and 21 journals a year, with an increasing international authorship.

50 Dark Destinations Crime and Contemporary Tourism Adam Lynes, Craig Kelly, James Treadwell
Feminism and Protest Camps Entanglements, Critiques and Re-Imaginings Catherine Eschle, Alison Bartlett
Policy Analysis in South Korea T.J. Lah, Thomas R. Klassen
Navigating the Local Politics of Peacebuilding in Lebanese Municipalities Hanna Leonardsson
Reablement in Long-Term Care for Older People International Perspectives and Future Directions Tine Rostgaard, John Parsons, Hanne Tuntland
International Theory at the Margins Neglected Essays, Recurring Themes Nicholas Greenwood Onuf
Affective Capitalism in Academia Revealing Public Secrets Daniel Nehring, Kristiina Brunila
Torture and Torturous Violence Transcending Definitions of Torture Victoria Canning
Critical Perspectives on Research with Children Reflexivity, Methodology, and Researcher Identity Sarah Richards, Sarah Coombs
The War on Dirty Money Nicholas Gilmour, Tristram Hicks
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