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Central European University Press is widely seen as the leading English language university press dedicated to research connected to and coming out of Central and Eastern Europe with a distinctive regional flavor. Since 1993 the CEUP has published books by authors from around the world in a wide range of subjects in the humanities and social sciences, including political philosophy and practices of open society, history, Jewish studies, economics, medieval studies, literature, legal studies, nationalism, human rights, political science, international relations, higher education policy, gender studies, media studies, and art history.

The Sanctity of the Leaders Holy Kings, Princes, Bishops and Abbots from Central Europe (11th to 13th Centuries) Gábor Klaniczay, Ildikó Csepregi
The Perils of Race-Thinking A Portrait of Aleš Hrdlička Mark A. Brandon
Brilliance in Exile The Diaspora of Hungarian Scientists from John von Neumann to Katalin Karikó István Hargittai, Balazs Hargittai, Ivan T. Berend
Sugarland The Transformation of the Countryside in Communist Albania Artan R. Hoxha
Open Society Unresolved The Contemporary Relevance of a Contested Idea Christof Royer, Liviu Matei
Texts and Contexts from the History of Feminism and Women’s Rights East Central Europe, Second Half of the Twentieth Century Zsófia Lóránd, Adela Hîncu, Jovana Trbovc, Katarzyna Stańczak-Wiślicz
More Nights than Days A Survey of Writings of Child Genocide Survivors Yudit Kiss
Governing Divided Societies Habsburg Austria’s Democratic Legacy and the Czechoslovak First Republic Philip Howe, Thomas Lorman, Daniel Miller
A Life for Belarus The Fall and Postmortal Rise of the USSR Stanislau Shushkevich
Open Government, Open Diplomacy Conversations with a Former American Diplomat M. André Goodfriend István Hargittai
Piety in Practice Urban Religious Life and Communities in Late Medieval Pressburg (1400–1530) Judit Majorossy
Engineering the Lower Danube Technology and Territoriality in an Imperial Borderland, Late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Luminita Gatejel
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