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Since its origins in 1890, University of Chicago Press’s mission involves dissemination of scholarship of highest standard and to publish works that promote education, foster public understanding, and enrich cultural life. The press its books and journals in advancing scholarly conversation across traditional disciplines and defining new areas of knowledge. University of Chicago Press also publishes non-scholarly work by writers, artists, and intellectuals, historical and contemporary translations of foreign-language texts, and books that contribute to the public’s understanding of Chicago and its region.

Knowledge Flows in a Global Age A Transnational Approach John Krige
Religious Liberty and the American Founding Natural Rights and the Original Meanings of the First Amendment Religion Clauses Vincent Phillip Muñoz
Constructing Basic Liberties A Defense of Substantive Due Process James E. Fleming
The Inner Sea Maritime Literary Culture in Early Modern Portugal Josiah Blackmore
Collaborative Crisis Management Prepare, Execute, Recover, Repeat Thomas A. Cole, Paul Verbinnen
Sound Experiments The Music of the AACM Paul Steinbeck
From the Seashore to the Seafloor An Illustrated Tour of Sandy Beaches, Kelp Forests, Coral Reefs, and Life in the Ocean's Depths Janet Voight, David Quammen, Peggy Macnamara
A Great and Rising Nation Naval Exploration and Global Empire in the Early US Republic Michael A. Verney
The Tragic Science How Economists Cause Harm (Even as They Aspire to Do Good) George F. DeMartino
Stacked Decks Building Inspectors and the Reproduction of Urban Inequality Robin Bartram
Culture and Language at Crossed Purposes The Unsettled Records of American Settlement Jerome McGann
Deep South A Social Anthropological Study of Caste and Class Allison Davis, Burleigh B. Gardner, Mary R. Gardner, Isabel Wilkerson
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