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Standing tall as the oldest and first university press in America, Cornell University Press prides itself in its heritage of publishing works that transform research and benefit the wider public. Cornell University Press publishes over 150 new titles every year, with a focus on works in Asian studies, sociology, urban studies, and political and international relations.

Blotted Lines Early Modern English Literature and the Poetics of Discomposition Adhaar Noor Desai
Informatica Mastering Information through the Ages Alex Wright
A People's Church Medieval Italy and Christianity, 1050–1300 Agostino Paravicini Bagliani, Neslihan Şenocak
Anarchy and the Art of Listening The Politics and Pragmatics of Reception in Papua New Guinea James Slotta
Stalemate Autonomy and Insurgency on the China-Myanmar Border Andrew Ong
Alluring Opportunities Tourism, Empire, and African Labor in Colonial Mozambique Todd Cleveland
Moving Memory Remembering Palestine in Postdictatorship Chile Siri Schwabe
Tamizdat Contraband Russian Literature in the Cold War Era Yasha Klots
Forces of Nature New Perspectives on Korean Environments David Fedman, Eleana J. Kim, Albert L. Park, Ann Sherif, Luce Foundation
Unfriendly to Liberty Loyalist Networks and the Coming of the American Revolution in New York City Christopher F. Minty
Walking Corpses Leprosy in Byzantium and the Medieval West Timothy S. Miller, John W. Nesbitt
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