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Putin's Labor Dilemma Russian Politics between Stability and Stagnation Stephen Crowley
Dying to Learn Wartime Lessons from the Western Front Michael A. Hunzeker
An Elusive Common Land, Politics, and Agrarian Rurality in a Moroccan Oasis Karen E. Rignall
Oil Money Middle East Petrodollars and the Transformation of US Empire, 19671988 David M. Wight
Mobilizing Japanese Youth The Cold War and the Making of the Sixties Generation Christopher Gerteis
Snapshots of the Soul Photo-Poetic Encounters in Modern Russian Culture Molly Thomasy Blasing
A Medicated Empire The Pharmaceutical Industry and Modern Japan Timothy M. Yang
Can You Beat Churchill? Teaching History through Simulations Michael A. Barnhart
Manpower and the Armies of the British Empire in the Two World Wars Douglas E. Delaney, Mark Frost, Andrew L. Brown
Unfixable Forms Disability, Performance, and the Early Modern English Theater Katherine Schaap Williams
Policing China Street-Level Cops in the Shadow of Protest Suzanne E. Scoggins