Channel View Publications Ltd is dedicated to publishing the very best research monographs and textbooks in the field of tourism studies. It prides itself on its ability to discover and publish cutting-edge, innovative, and influential research from all over the world. With its publications, it aims to push back the frontiers of tourism knowledge. It has five key, distinct book series, each of which is edited by leading scholars from within the field, and that cover wide-ranging themes such as sustainability, tourism development, tourism management, cultural heritage, tourism planning, and policy.

Gay Tourism New Perspectives Oscar Vorobjovas-Pinta
Inclusive Tourism Futures Anu Harju-Mylyaho, Salla Jutila
Research Paradigm Considerations for Emerging Scholars Anja Pabel, Josephine Pryce, Allison Anderson
Gamification for Tourism Feifei Xu, Dimitrios Buhalis
Wildlife Tourism Futures Encounters with Wild, Captive and Artificial Animals Giovanna Bertella
Masculinities in the Field Tourism and Transdisciplinary Research Brooke A. Porter, Heike A. Schänzel, Joseph M. Cheer
Tourism Paradoxes Contradictions, Controversies and Challenges Erdinç Çakmak, Hazel Tucker, Keith Hollinshead
Tourism and Earthquakes C. Michael Hall, Girish Prayag
Tourism and Brexit Travel, Borders and Identity Hazel Andrews
Poverty and Development Problems and Prospects Michal Apollo, Pahlaj Moolio
Sex in Tourism Exploring the Light and the Dark Neil Carr, Liza Berdychevsky
Responsible Rural Tourism in Asia Vikneswaran Nair, Amran Hamzah, Ghazali Musa