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Decolonizing Memory Algeria and the Politics of Testimony Jill Jarvis
Words and Worlds A Lexicon for Dark Times Veena Das, Didier Fassin
Black Bodies, White Gold Art, Cotton, and Commerce in the Atlantic World Anna Arabindan-Kesson
Mao's Bestiary Medicinal Animals and Modern China Liz P. Y. Chee
Right Here, Right Now Life Stories from America's Death Row Lynden Harris
Palestine Is Throwing a Party and the Whole World Is Invited Capital and State Building in the West Bank Kareem Rabie
Sound Alignments Popular Music in Asia's Cold Wars Michael K. Bourdaghs, Paola Iovene, Kaley Mason
Archiving Mexican Masculinities in Diaspora Nicole M. Guidotti-Hernández
Slow Disturbance Infrastructural Mediation on the Settler Colonial Resource Frontier Rafico Ruiz
Selected Writings on Marxism Stuart Hall, Gregor McLennan
Visions of Beirut The Urban Life of Media Infrastructure Hatim El-Hibri