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EDP Sciences (EDPS) is a French scientific publisher founded in 1920 by the French Physical Society. It has a long-standing history of publishing works by renowned scientists and industrialists in the convergent studies of physics, astrophysics, mathematics, engineering sciences, life sciences, medicine, and humanities for over 100 years. EDPS specializes in publishing monographs at master’s level or higher, undergraduate teaching texts, professional works, and popular science books as well as peer-reviewed scientific journals and conference proceedings. In November 2019, EDPS became part of the world’s largest research organization and prestigious learned society the Chinese Academy of Sciences through its sale to Science Press, part of Chinese Science Publishing & Media Ltd.

Practical PID Handbook Daniel Lequesne
L'odorat Matthew Cobb
Neutrinos Les messagers de l'invisible François Vannucci
Einstein’s Witches’ Sabbath and the Early Solvay Councils The Untold Story Frits Berends, Franklin Lambert
Li-ion Batteries Development and perspectives Didier Bloch, Thierry Priem, Sébastien Martinet, Christian Ngô
La vie ailleurs: espérances et déceptions James Lequeux, Thérèse Encrenaz
Les "Deux nouvelles sciences" de Galilée Une lecture moderne Alessandro De Angelis
Protéines Un voyage au centre de la cellule Sophie Sacquin-Mora, Antoine Taly
La Grande Muraille à Beijing Institut international de développement urbain, Beijing, Lian Yuming
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