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Fordham University Press began publishing in 1907 with a strong focus on titles in medicine, science, and history. In the 1930s, Fordham University Press began to build its humanities and social sciences lists. In the lead up to the 21st century, the Press once again expanded its expertise to include cultural studies, critical race theory, and gender studies. With over 70 titles published annually, Fordham University Press seeks to support and expand values and traditions in its publication.

Topothesia Planning, Colonialism, and Places in Excess Ameeth Vijay
Against the Carceral Archive The Art of Black Liberatory Practice Damien Sojoyner
The Livable and the Unlivable Judith Butler, Frédéric Worms
Group Works Art, Politics, and Collective Ambivalence Ethan Philbrick
Narrating Humanity Life Writing and Movement Politics from Palestine to Mauna Kea Cynthia Franklin
Pedagogy of a Beloved Commons Pursuing Democracy’s Promise through Place-Based Activism Sharon Egretta Sutton
Curriculum by Design Innovation and the Liberal Arts Core Mary Thomas Crane, David Quigley, Andy Boynton, Allison Adair, Lynne Anderson, Robert Bartlett, William Bole, Toby Bottorf, John Butler, Daniel Callahan, Hanne Eisenfeld, Thomas Epstein, Brian Gareau, Tara Gareau, Elizabeth Graver, Stacy Grooters, Régine Michelle Jean-Charles, Gregory Kalscheur, Elizabeth Kowaleski-Wallace, Prasannan Parthasarathi, Brian Robinette, Juliet Schor, Sylvia Sellers-García, Elizabeth H. Shlala, Min Hyoung Song, Jenna Tonn, Holly VandeWall, Dunwei Wang
Gender Essentialism and Orthodoxy Beyond Male and Female Bryce E. Rich
Ambush at Central Park When the IRA Came to New York Mark Bulik
The World and God Are Not-Two A Hindu–Christian Conversation Daniel Soars
Moroccan Other-Archives History and Citizenship after State Violence Brahim El Guabli
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