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Fordham University Press began publishing in 1907 with a strong focus on titles in medicine, science, and history. In the 1930s, Fordham University Press began to build its humanities and social sciences lists. In the lead up to the 21st century, the Press once again expanded its expertise to include cultural studies, critical race theory, and gender studies. With over 70 titles published annually, Fordham University Press seeks to support and expand values and traditions in its publication.

Being of Two Minds Modernist Literary Criticism and Early Modern Texts Jonathan Goldberg
Concrete Utopianism The Politics of Temporality and Solidarity Gary Wilder
Religion, Protest, and Social Upheaval Matthew T. Eggemeier, Peter Joseph Fritz, Karen V. Guth, Mary Doak, Nichole Flores, Ju Hui Judy Han, Kwok Pui-lan, Zayn Kassam, Jermaine McDonald, Donovan O. Schaefer, Devin Singh, C. Melissa Snarr, Mark Lewis Taylor
Our Laundry, Our Town My Chinese American Life from Flushing to the Downtown Stage and Beyond Alvin Eng
The Politics of the Near On the Edges of Protest in South Africa Jérôme Tournadre, Andrew Brown
Hour of the Cat Peter Quinn
From Factories to Palaces Architect Charles B. J. Snyder and the New York City Public Schools Jean Arrington, Cynthia Skeffington LaValle, Peg Breen
On the Medieval Structure of Spirituality Thomas Aquinas Roger Haight, Alfred Pach, Amanda Avila Kaminski
Western Monastic Spirituality Cassian, Caesarius of Arles, and Benedict Roger Haight, Alfred Pach, Amanda Avila Kaminski
Redirecting Ethnic Singularity Italian Americans and Greek Americans in Conversation Yiorgos Anagnostou, Yiorgos D. Kalogeras, Theodora Patrona, Eleftheria Arapoglou, Angelyn Balodimas-Bartolomei, Jim Cocola, Francesca de Lucia, Donna R. Gabaccia, Fred Gardaphe, Kostis Kourelis, Panayotis League, Stefano Luconi, Michail C. Markodimitrakis, Andonis Piperoglou, Fevronia K. Soumakis, Sostene Massimo Zangari
Grace and Gratitude Spirituality in Martin Luther Roger Haight, Alfred Pach, Amanda Avila Kaminski
Looking for Jimmy A Search For Irish America Peter Quinn
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