Founded in 2001, Gorgias Press is run by scholars, for scholars. Gorgias Press continues to distinguish itself through the publication of rare and understudied topics alongside mainstream works on the Ancient Near East, Arabic and Islamic studies, archaeology, biblical studies, classics, early Christianity, Jewish studies, linguistics, and Syriac. Gorgias’s philosophy of “Publishing for the Sake of Knowledge” has attracted many new authors and led to a rapid expansion of its areas of specialization. The press publishes up to 75 new titles a year, including monographs, edited volumes, and journals.

Angels Hastening The Karbalāʾ Dreams Christopher Clohessy
From Their Lips Voices of Early Christian Women VK McCarty
Islam in China A History of European and American Scholarship Tuoheti Alimu
The Shīʿī Past in the Great Book of the Songs A New Perspective on the Kitāb al-Aghānī by Abū al-Faraj al-Iṣfahānī and Shīʿī Islam in the Tenth Century I-Wen Su
Justinian's Indecision How Social Networks Shaped Imperial Policy Joshua Powell
Intellectual Currents and the Practice of Engagement Ottoman and Algerian Writers in a Francophone Milieu, 1890-1914 David Beamish
The Banisher of Madness An Interpretation of Language as the Vessel of All Truths Sacred and Profane in the Teachings of Ibn al-Sarrāj of Baghdad Dunja Rašić
Towards a Culture of Co-Existence in Pluralistic Societies The Middle East and India Dietmar Winkler
Jacob of Sarug's Homilies on Paul On the Conversion of the Apostle Paul and a Second Homily on Paul the Apostle Raju Parakkott, Mary Hansbury
Culture of Defeat Submission in Written Sources and the Archaeological Record. Proceedings of a Joint Seminar of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Vienna, October 2017 Katharina Streit, Marianne Grohmann
Beth Qaṭraye A Lexical and Toponymical Survey Mario Kozah, George Kiraz