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Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) Publishing is a dynamic academic press with more than 40 years’ experience. It is the largest publisher of academic books focusing on Southeast Asian politics, economics, and social issues. Since 1970 it has issued more than 2,000 books and journals, publishing an average of 70 a year.

Gender Equality and Diversity in Indonesia Identifying Progress and Challenges Angie Bexley, Sarah Xue Dong, Diahhadi Setyonaluri
The Evolution of Madani How Is 2.0 Different from 1.0? Faizal Musa Mohd
Trending Islam Cases from Southeast Asia Saat Norshahril, A'an Suryana, Faizal Musa Mohd
Public Financial Management Cambodian Experiences General Secretariat of Public Finance, Vinel Yeth, Youthy Um, Penghuy Ngov
Indonesia’s COVID-19 Infodemic A Battle for Truth or Trust? Yatun Sastramidjaja
Global Methane Pledge A Review of Data, Policy and Transparency in Reducing Methane Emissions in Malaysia Matthew Ashfold, Helena Varkkey, Yong Jie Wong, Anjulie Razak, Shareen Yawanarajah, Mark Lunt, Yen Tse Emily Oi
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