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Lynne Rienner Publishers is an independent scholarly and textbook publishing firm that was founded in 1984 and remains one of the few independent publishers in the US. It publishes primarily in the fields of international studies and comparative world politics, while also covering U.S. politics, sociology, Black politics, criminology, and the translation of relevant works into English. Some of its translations include books by notable authors, such as Naguib Mahfouz, Ghassan Kanafani, Maryse Condé, Derek Walcott, and Tawfiq al-Hakim. Its publishing program includes the FirstForumPress (a specialized scholarly research forum that focuses on important work that might be overlooked due to market constraints) and the Kumarian Press (focusing on poverty, underdevelopment, war, human rights abuses, and nonprofit management).

How the Aid Industry Works The Politics and Practice of International Development Arjan de Haan
Asia-Pacific Small States Political Economies of Resilience Stephen Noakes, Alexander C. Tan
Chasing Equality Women's Rights and US Public Policy Susan Gluck Mezey, Megan A. Sholar
Countering China US Responses to the Belt and Road Initiative Edward Ashbee
The Islamic State in Afghanistan and Pakistan Strategic Alliances and Rivalries Amira Jadoon, Andrew Mines
The United Nations Policy and Practice Jean E. Krasno
Security Assistance in the Middle East Challenges … and the Need for Change Hicham Alaoui, Robert Springborg
Outsourcing National Defense Why and How Private Contractors are Providing Pub Services Thomas C. Bruneau
Explaining Successes in Africa Things Don't Always Fall Apart Erin Acampo Hern
Weaponizing Water Water Stress and Islamic Extremist Violence in Africa and the Middle East Marcus D. King
Renegotiating the Liberal Order Evidence from the UN Security Council Brian Frederking
South African Foreign Policy Review Volume 4, Ramaphosa and a New Dawn for South African Foreign Policy Lesley Masters, Philani Mthembu, Jo-Ansie van Wyk
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