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Established in 1903, Manchester University Press stands as a beacon of intellectual excellence and academic rigor. With a rich legacy in disseminating knowledge in the humanities and social sciences, the press has continually evolved and adapted to the ever-changing landscape of scholarly exploration.

A hallmark of Manchester University Press is its unwavering dedication to quality. Collaborating with a constellation of leading thinkers and emerging scholars hailing from all corners of the globe, the press consistently publishes over 200 books each year. Many of these publications have garnered prestigious accolades, cementing their status as prize-winning contributions that enrich the academic realm.

Democracy and dissent in the Irish Free State Opposition, decolonisation, and majority rights Jason Knirck
Beckett's afterlives Adaptation, remediation, appropriation Jonathan Bignell, Pim Verhulst, Anna McMullan
The entangled legacies of empire Race, finance and inequality Paul Gilbert, Clea Bourne, Max Haiven, Johnna Montgomerie
Troubles of the past? History, identity and collective memory in Northern Ireland James McAuley, Máire Braniff, Graham Spencer
Knowledge production in higher education Between Europe and the Middle East Michelle Pace, Jan Claudius Völkel
Political and sartorial styles Britain and its colonies in the long nineteenth century Kevin Morrison
Siblings and sociology Katherine Davies
Living with water Everyday encounters and liquid connections Charlotte Bates, Kate Moles
Taking place Building histories of queer and feminist art in North America Erin Silver
Imagining the Irish child Discourses of childhood in Irish Anglican writing of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Jarlath Killeen
Monumental cares Sites of history and contemporary art Mechtild Widrich
Fashioning Italian youth Young people's identity and style in Italian popular culture, 1958-75 Cecilia Brioni
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