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Multilingual Matters is an independent academic book publisher based in Bristol, UK, which publishes in the fields of applied linguistics, language education, literacies, multicultural education, immigrant language learning and second language acquisition. It publishes books at the cutting-edge of research on topics ranging from reclaiming, revitalizing, and decolonizing minority languages to contemporary approaches to second, foreign, bilingual, and other forms of language education. Everyone has the right to speak the languages that are important to them and its goal is to publish books that promote this, particularly in the case of migrants, minorities, and indigenous people.

Transnational Research in English Language Teaching Critical Practices and Identities Rashi Jain, Bedrettin ^Yazan, Suresh Canagarajah
Speaking Subjects in Multilingualism Research Biographical and Speaker-centred Approaches Judith Purkarthofer, Mi-Cha Flubacher
International Students’ Multilingual Literacy Practices An Asset-based Approach to Understanding Academic Discourse Socialization Peter I. De Costa, Wendy Li, Jongbong Lee
Struggles for Multilingualism and Linguistic Citizenship Quentin Williams, Ana Deumert, Tommaso M. Milani
Decolonial Voices, Language and Race Sinfree Makoni, Magda Madany-Saa, Bassey E. Antia
International TESOL Teachers in a Multi-Englishes Community Mobility, On-the-Ground Realities and the Limits of Negotiability Le Ha Phan, Osman Z. Barnawi
Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on Teaching Foreign Languages in Multilingual Settings Pedagogical Implications Anna Krulatz, Georgios Neokleous, Anne Dahl
Creating Welcoming Learning Environments Using Creative Arts Methods in Language Classrooms Jane Andrews, Maryam Almohammad
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