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Originally founded in 1890, University of Pennsylvania Press’s innate mission is to advance publication of books that aid scholarly research and educational objectives. By long tradition, the Press has published distinct works in Cultural Studies, Urban Studies and International Rights, now diversified to exemplary works in convergent areas of Jewish Studies, Political Science, and Social Sciences. Today, the Press publishes over 140 new titles and periodical issues each year, with an active backlist of more than 3,000 titles.

Knowledge True and Useful A Cultural History of Early Scholasticism Frank Rexroth, John Burden
Speculation Nation Land Mania in the Revolutionary American Republic Michael A. Blaakman
Zimzum God and the Origin of the World Christoph Schulte, Corey Twitchell
Unsettling Jewish Knowledge Text, Contingency, Desire Anne C. Dailey, Martin Kavka, Lital Levy
Decolonization and the Remaking of Christianity Elizabeth A. Foster, Udi Greenberg
Litigating the Pandemic Disaster Cascades in Court Susan M. Sterett
Sex Lives Intimate Infrastructures in Early Modernity Joseph Gamble
Sites of International Memory Glenda Sluga, Kate Darian-Smith, Madeleine Herren
The Paradox of Debt A New Path to Prosperity Without Crisis Richard Vague
Sons of Saviors The Red Jews in Yiddish Culture Rebekka Voß
Of Light and Struggle Social Justice, Human Rights, and Accountability in Uruguay Debbie Sharnak
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