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Originally founded in 1890, University of Pennsylvania Press’s innate mission is to advance publication of books that aid scholarly research and educational objectives. By long tradition, the Press has published distinct works in Cultural Studies, Urban Studies and International Rights, now diversified to exemplary works in convergent areas of Jewish Studies, Political Science, and Social Sciences. Today, the Press publishes over 140 new titles and periodical issues each year, with an active backlist of more than 3,000 titles.

Faith in Exposure Privacy and Secularism in the Nineteenth-Century United States Justine S. Murison
Corrosive Solace Affect, Biopolitics, and the Realignment of the Repertoire, 1780-1800 Daniel O'Quinn
Botanical Poetics Early Modern Plant Books and the Husbandry of Print Jessica Rosenberg
Scripts of Blackness Early Modern Performance Culture and the Making of Race Noémie Ndiaye, Geraldine Heng, Ayanna Thompson
This Is My Jail Local Politics and the Rise of Mass Incarceration Melanie Newport
Refugee Cities How Afghans Changed Urban Pakistan Sanaa Alimia
Human Rights in Latin America A Politics of Transformation Sonia Cardenas, Rebecca K. Root
China Urbanizing Impacts and Transitions Weiping Wu, Qin Gao
The Natural Laws of Plot How Things Happen in Realist Novels Yoon Sun Lee
What Kind of a Thing Is a Middle English Lyric? Cristina Maria Cervone, Nicholas Watson
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