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Penn State University Press was founded in 1956 and publishes around 100 new monographs and more than 60 journals per year with a focus on the humanities and social sciences. The Press is best known for areas of scholarship in art history, medieval studies, Latin American studies, rhetoric and communication, religious studies, and graphic medicine.

Resurrecting Jane de La Vaudère Literary Shapeshifter of the Belle Époque Sharon Larson
Oneness Pentecostalism Race, Gender, and Culture Lloyd D. Barba, Andrea Shan Johnson, Daniel Ramírez, Grant Wacker
Business Is Good F. Scott Fitzgerald, Professional Writer James L. W. West III
Lesser Living Creatures of the Renaissance Volume 1, Insects Keith Botelho, Joseph Campana
The Pursuit of Life The Promise and Challenge of Palliative Care Robert Fine, Jack Levison, Diane Meier, Kelsey Spinnato
Lesser Living Creatures of the Renaissance Volume 2, Concepts Keith Botelho, Joseph Campana
The Accidental Palace The Making of Yıldız in Nineteenth-Century Istanbul Deniz Türker
Every Living Thing The Politics of Life in Common Jenell Johnson
Yotvata The Ze'ev Meshel Excavations (1974–1980): The Iron I “Fortress” and the Early Islamic Settlement Lily Singer-Avitz, Etan Ayalon
The Torah Unabridged The Evolution of Intermarriage Law in the Hebrew Bible William A. Tooman
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