Penn State University Press was founded in 1956 and publishes around 100 new monographs and more than 60 journals per year with a focus on the humanities and social sciences. The Press is best known for areas of scholarship in art history, medieval studies, Latin American studies, rhetoric and communication, religious studies, and graphic medicine.

Reading Mennonite Writing A Study in Minor Transnationalism Robert Zacharias
A Vivifying Spirit Quaker Practice and Reform in Antebellum America Janet Moore Lindman
Precious Metal German Steel, Modernity, and Ecology Peter H. Christensen
Village Infernos and Witches’ Advocates Witch-Hunting in Navarre, 1608–1614 Lu Ann Homza
Holiness and Pentecostal Movements Intertwined Pasts, Presents, and Futures David Bundy, Geordan Hammond, David Sang-Ehil Han
Combating Hate A Framework for Direct Action Billie Murray
Rape Culture and Female Resistance in Late Medieval Literature With an Edition of Middle English and Middle Scots Pastourelles Sarah Baechle, Carissa M. Harris, Elizaveta Strakhov
’Pataphysics Unrolled Katie L. Price, Michael R. Taylor
Radical Dreams Surrealism, Counterculture, Resistance Elliott H. King, Abigail Susik
Herrnhut The Formation of a Moravian Community, 1722–1732 Paul Peucker
Clinical Ethics A Graphic Medicine Casebook Kimberly R. Myers, Molly L. Osborne, Charlotte A. Wu, Zoe Schein
Graphic Public Health A Comics Anthology and Road Map Meredith Li-Vollmer