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Founded in 1905, Princeton University Press has published vital scholarly works since its inception. The press embraces the highest standard in peer-reviewed publications and strives to achieve excellence, diversity, and inclusivity in publishing. In keeping with the press’s commitment to serve the nation and the world, Princeton University Press publishes works for scholars, students, and engaged readers everywhere. Princeton is home to several distinguished authors and Nobel Laureates, including Michael Kremer and Richard H. Thaler. Princeton specializes in the areas of economics, education, engineering, literature, science, and mathematics.

Nudibranchs of Britain, Ireland and Northwest Europe Second Edition Bernard Picton, Christine Morrow
A Jew in the Roman Bathhouse Cultural Interaction in the Ancient Mediterranean Yaron Eliav
Wahhābism The History of a Militant Islamic Movement Cole M. Bunzel
Eco-Emancipation An Earthly Politics of Freedom Sharon R. Krause
The Pandemic Paradox How the COVID Crisis Made Americans More Financially Secure Scott Fulford
Tooth and Claw Top Predators of the World Robert M. Johnson, Sharon L. Gilman, Daniel C. Abel, Elise Pullen
Virtuous Bankers A Day in the Life of the Eighteenth-Century Bank of England Anne Murphy
Night Vision Seeing Ourselves through Dark Moods Mariana Alessandri
Merchants of the Right Gun Sellers and the Crisis of American Democracy Jennifer Carlson
The New Makers of Modern Strategy From the Ancient World to the Digital Age Hal Brands, John Bew, Lawrence Freedman, Walter Russell Mead, Toshi Yoshihara, Matthew Kroenig, Hew Strachan, Antulio Echevarria, John H. Maurer, Michael Cotey Morgan, James Lacey, Eric Helleiner, Jonathan Kirshner, Iskander Rehman, Matt J. Schumann, Michael V. Leggiere, Charles Edel, Kori Schake, Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh, Sarah C. M. Paine, Priya Satia, Margaret MacMillan, Williamson Murray, Robert Kagan, Tami Biddle, Brendan Simms, Francis Gavin, Daniel Marston, Guy Laron, Tanvi Madan, Sergey Radchenko, Thomas G. Mahnken, Christopher J. Griffin, Dmitry Adamsky, Carter Malkasian, Ahmed S. Hashim, Elizabeth Economy, Seth G. Jones, Sue Mi Terry, Jason K. Stearns, Joshua Rovner, Thomas Rid, John Lewis Gaddis, Eric Edelman, Andrew Ehrhardt, Mark Moyar
Viruses A Natural History Marilyn J. Roossinck
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