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Founded in 1936, Rutgers University Press is a non-profit academic publishing house that is dedicated to publishing scholarly works for scholars, students, and the general reading public. The press originally published works primarily in the areas of Civil War history and European history, and now specializes in sociology, anthropology, health policy, human rights, and urban studies.

The Outcast A Novel Luigi Pirandello, Daniela Bini, Bradford A. Masoni
Oh, Serafina! A Fable of Ecology, Lunacy, and Love Giuseppe Berto, Matteo Gilebbi, Gregory Conti
Islam and Me Narrating a Diaspora Shirin Ramzanali Fazel, Simone Brioni, Charles Burdett
City of Men Masculinities and Everyday Morality on Public Transport Romit Chowdhury
The Prism of Human Rights Seeking Justice amid Gender Violence in Rural Ecuador Karin Friederic
Black Women in Latin America and the Caribbean Critical Research and Perspectives Melanie A. Medeiros, Keisha-Khan Y. Perry, Christen A. Smith, Julia S. Abdalla, Angela Crumdy, Bruna Cristina Jaquetto Pereira, Ishan Gordon-Ugarte, Castriela E. Hernández Reyes, Eshe E. Lewis, Cristiano dos Santos Rodrigues, Edilza Correia Sotero, Maziki Thame, Melanie White
Defiant Bodies Making Queer Community in the Anglophone Caribbean Nikoli A. Attai
Historicizing the Enlightenment, Volume 1 Politics, Religion, Economy, and Society in Britain Michael McKeon
Between Self and Community Children’s Personhood in a Globalized South Korea Junehui Ahn
Dead Funny The Humor of American Horror David Gillota
Aloha Compadre Latinxs in Hawai'i Rudy P. Guevarra
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