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Bollywood’s New Woman Liberalization, Liberation, and Contested Bodies Megha Anwer, Anupama Arora
Haiti Fights Back The Life and Legacy of Charlemagne Péralte Yveline Alexis
Precarity and Belonging Labor, Migration, and Noncitizenship Catherine S. Ramírez, Sylvanna M. Falcón, Juan Poblete, Steven C. McKay, Felicity Amaya Schaeffer
Hot Pants and Spandex Suits Gender Representation in American Superhero Comic Books Esther De Dauw
The Movie Musical Desirée J. Garcia
Jewish and Romani Families in the Holocaust and its Aftermath Eliyana R. Adler, Katerina Capková, Natalia Aleksiun, Viktoria Banyai, Laura Hobson Faure, Robin Judd, Dalia Ofer, Anja Reuss, Helena Sadílková, Joachim Schlör, Michal Unger, Sarah Wobick-Segev, Volha Bartash
Through Japanese Eyes Thirty Years of Studying Aging in America Yohko Tsuji
Bio-Imperialism Disease, Terror, and the Construction of National Fragility Gwen Shuni D'Arcangelis
American War Stories Brenda M. Boyle
Star Wars Multiverse Carmelo Esterrich
Performing Math A History of Communication and Anxiety in the American Mathematics Classroom Andrew Fiss
Shades of Springsteen Politics, Love, Sports, and Masculinity John Massaro