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The University of Texas Press is a book and journal publisher with a focal point where the life experiences, insights, and specialized knowledge of writers converge to be disseminated in both print and digital formats. By launching a scholarly press in 1950, the University of Texas at Austin made several important statements: books matter; books educate; and publishing good books is a public responsibility and an essential component of higher education. The press has published more than 3,000 print books and produces approximately 100 new scholarly, reference, trade books and 13 scholarly journals each year.

The New Public Art Collectivity and Activism in Mexico since the 1980s Mara Polgovsky Ezcurra
Pastures of the Empty Page Fellow Writers on the Life and Legacy of Larry McMurtry George Getschow
The Value Gap Female-Driven Films from Pitch to Premiere Courtney Brannon Donoghue
Saeculum Defining Historical Eras in Ancient Roman Thought Paul Hay
Super Bodies Comic Book Illustration, Artistic Styles, and Narrative Impact Jeffrey A. Brown
Selling Science Fiction Cinema Making and Marketing a Genre J. P. Telotte
Astros and Asterisks Houston's Sign-Stealing Scandal Explained Jonathan Silverman
The Comitán Valley Sculpture and Identity on the Maya Frontier Caitlin C. Earley
Resurrecting Tenochtitlan Imagining the Aztec Capital in Modern Mexico City Delia Cosentino, Adriana Zavala
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