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Founded in 1901, University of Toronto Press is Canada’s leading academic publisher and one of the largest university presses in North America, with particular strengths in the social sciences, humanities, and business subject areas. UTP is widely recognized in Canada for its strength in history, political science, sociology, Indigenous studies, and cultural studies. Internationally, UTP is a leading publisher of medieval, Renaissance, Italian, Iberian, Slavic, and urban studies, as well as studies in book and print culture.

Charm Offensive Commodifying Femininity in Postwar France Kelly Ricciardi Colvin
The Smallpox Report Vaccination and the Romantic Illness Narrative Fuson Wang
Courting Celebrity The Autobiographies of Angela Veronese and Teresa Bandettini Adrienne Ward, Irene Zanini-Cordi
The War Trumpet Iberian Epic Poetry, 1543–1639 Emiro Martínez-Osorio, Mercedes Blanco
On Amistà Negotiating Friendship in Dante’s Italy Elizabeth Coggeshall
Jacopo Caviceo's Peregrino Annotated English Edition and Translation Sherry Roush
Faith, Rights, and Choice The Politics of Religious Schools in Canada James Farney, Clark Banack
An Intense Calling How Ethics Is Essential to Education Jesse Bazzul
The Ever-Dying People? Canada’s Jews in Comparative Perspective Robert Brym, Randal F. Schnoor
Envisioning Democracy New Essays after Sheldon Wolin’s Political Thought Terry Maley, John R. Wallach
Moral Figures Making Reproduction Public in Vanuatu Alexandra Widmer
The Queen of Scots La reina di Scotia Federico Della Valle, Fabio Battista
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